Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Opening Up The Next One

Time to reveal what was in the next cube in that huge box of goodness the great Wes passed onto me. Every cube brought a new surprise and every surprise was a nice surprise.

Like a Bo Jackson rookie and a Sammy Sosa Leaf rookie I didn't have.

A twosome of Joey Votto rookie cards

Buster the man Posey Topps rookie

I really enjoyed finding these oddball minor league cards of stars. Jose Canseco was just one of many I found. You will see the others as this series goes on.

Always nice to add some vintage pieces to my collection since I don't have much in that area.

90's insert love! A Silver Press Proof from Donruss. They don't make em like this anymore!

I always respected Ichiro no matter what uniform he wore. I feel awful he had to spend some time with the Marlins though. That's not an easy place to play if you want to win.

Matt Stairs super cool looking parallel /150. This is one of the coolest cards I have seen in person. This is also one of the few Matt Stairs that I found in these cubes. Come to find out he was on Wes' list to super collect at one point.

Bat relic of Rusty Staub.

Only name I know from this first group is Danny Graves but I will say that all four of these guys have solid signatures.

Just like David Cone. My first autograph of this guy. Of course I don't remember him as a Royal, he will always be a Yankee to me.

And another that will always be a Yankee to me is Paul O'Neill. I always felt he was underappreciated in the league.
That does it for cube two. There were many surprises within and this one provided plenty of PC additions and lots of other fun stuff.

I wonder what Cube 3 will provide for us on here...maybe next week will let us know.


  1. Wes is the man. Lots of great cards in your cube. Red ink on a Cincy Reds card..nice touch. The Staub relic and Ichiro are cool, too. And the rookie/pre-rookie star power. Good stuff here.

  2. Can't imagine the amount of money Wes has spent on shipping alone over the past seven or eight years on care packages. I can still remember him sending me a package back when I first started my blog and instead of asking for something in return... he wanted me to pay it forward. Definitely one of the most generous bloggers out there... and that's saying a lot because there are plenty of generous bloggers.

    As for the cards... that 2008 Topps Votto stands out the most. It's such a great looking rookie card. Great stuff all around.