Monday, December 31, 2018

Shane's Box Of Madness

This was kind of an off year for me and @ShaneSalmonson over at Project Pedro Blog. We always pull off multiple big trades a year but this year for some reason or another, dragged out a year long trade. Yes, year long.

But, we finally got the deal done and mailed our pieces out.

My end just arrived roughly a week ago and  it was packed nicely and packed full.

Shane even threw in some supplies. Awesome!

I won't be breaking down the entire box as I am working on multiple sorting projects going into 2019 and I will touch base on those soon. But, I will showcase some key cards from this massive mail day and show others as I go along with my sorting projects.

First up, Shane was lucky and went to this years National which is still a dream of mine to do. The Panini pack contains my boy Saquon! Not sure if I will open it to take him out or not.

For years Shane has been trying to unload all of his basketball cards and I have taken a few with each mail day. This time I grabbed his stack of Allan Houston cards who was one of my favorite Knicks in the 90's. The other two, Patrick Ewing and John Starks.

Here are a few highlights from this stack,

(one of my favorites)

And one more card I wanted was this rookie of Tim Duncan. Loved this set.
Well, this is just the beginning of a few pieces from this mail day I will be showing off. More soon!


  1. Loved when Houston was playing for my Pistons. Terrific for that Tim Duncan card, its one of my favorite basketball cards.

  2. Not much of a basketball guy but I can appreciate some of those cards. That Tim Duncan rookie is very nice!

  3. Can't go wrong with Tim Duncan Rookie card I got one signed back in the day at the Spectrum in Philly. God I'm old the player is retired and they have torn the building down lol

  4. Nice Duncan! Lol. Just left a similar comment on one of your other posts... but I'll say it again. I already collect too many people already, but if I were going to collect another basketball player... it'd be Duncan. Love the way he played the game.