Thursday, December 6, 2018

So Close, But So Far Away

*Deep Voice*
This is the continuation of one man's search for the impossible. The one card that was on the FBI's Most Wanted list at one point because it was dangerously escaping this man's every move. It was so fast that it had never been seen by anyone. The one question the man had at this point was,"did Bigfoot collect cards?" Because both were rumored to be real but have never been seen by another human being. Except supposedly in today's story. Let's continue on....

This summer was the hottest it has ever been or that I can remember in my area. So hot that I spent a lot of my summer inside which is depressing as I am a guy who likes being outside more.

With extra time on my hands to be inside, I sat down at my desktop computer, that's a bit aged, to think of ways to find the one card that eluded me. I had already posted on Twitter multiple times, posted on my blog, used Google search and checked eBay twice a day. Not one sign.

But, the one thing I hadn't checked yet was Forums.

I am apart of two different forums. I have an account on Beckett and one on Blowout. I used to be on the Beckett forums religiously up until they blocked me for a day for sharing a contest link from my blog on there so I gave up on them. Occasionally I check but not like I used to. Not sure why I ever set up a Blowout one as they are as rude as can be on there except in the hockey forums. That's a good group of people in there. But, I rarely use that one anymore.

So for fun, I put up a thread in each forum. On Blowout, I got lectured rudely by a few of the members for posting my want in the wrong place. Sorry but if it says football and I see others posting stuff in there like that what am I supposed to think?! After that, I never bothered again.

Beckett however had many members who responded to my thread (well multiple threads on it) and one of which seemed very promising.

This member claimed to possibly have the card in their collection of 1997 Stadium Club Co-Signers. My heart skipped a beat or three. Could this finally be the light at the end of the tunnel?!
So I contacted the member via message and tried pry away the card via trade. However, the member didn't want to move the card what-so-ever. I also had a good friend of mine try to help and influence the card away but he would not budge. It went from an exciting moment to a sad one.

I then began to question if this member even actually had the card of my dreams so I asked to at least see the card so I could confirm that it existed. They obliged when they had time to find it.

Guess what...they never did find or use time to get it out for me. I wasn't surprised. They probably didn't even have or have seen the card either.

So here I was on the verge of explosion from within and in the end I wasn't any closer to this card then I was at the beginning of these posts.

Once again I had run out of ideas and leads. However, I didn't quit and continued my eBay searches but will I ever find it....who knows....


  1. Jerks on Blowout, flakes and liars on Beckett... sounds about right!

  2. I've been on Blowout a few times and it seems like an awful place.

    1. It is. If I were you stay far away like I am going to. Not worth the time for effort there.

  3. Pretty sure I have accounts on both sites... but I was more of a Card Collector's World guy. I was also pretty active on Sports Card Forum about a decade ago. Can't wait to read Chapter 3 of this story.

  4. Basically, the equivalent of little big man syndrome for card collectors. I pretend to have high end cards and have too many that I can't take the time to look for it and you can't have it anyway. What a tool.

    1. That's for sure. I wasn't at all pleased. Supposedly a senior member on there so I expected more