Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fantasy Baseball Contest!

Hi Everyone!

So last year I did an MLB Pick Em contest and awarded prizes through my Topps reviews and from the generosity of BCW Supplies.

This year however, I decided not to run that contest. It took a lot of hard work to keep up with the points system and make sure that I posted up games every weekend and to keep track that they weren't cancelled. I would also have to spend time looking up the scores the next day and it was just more than I could handle. I did like my set up and it was fun, but I want something a tad easier to take care of.

So this year I decided to let Yahoo Fantasy Sports take control of keeping track of scores for me and run a Fantasy Baseball Challenge instead!

I haven't set it up yet as Yahoo doesn't open til next week, but I want a feel about how many of you want to join and win some great prizes!

  1. Must be a U.S. Resident or have shipping in the U.S. to qualify for prizes.
  2. Just comment below to say I Am In! PLEASE leave your email below or email me at so I can send you a link when the league is set up next week. Failing to do this will result in a lost spot!!!!!
  3. Your comment only locks you up a spot. You will still need to sign yourself up and into Yahoo Fantasy Sports when I provide the link to do so.
  4. As for a fantasy draft, I have decided to do an autodraft. I think this is the easiest way to do things and make the league or leagues as fair as possible.
  5. There will be a monthly and year end winner. Monthly winner determination will be decided soon. Monthly winner will receive either an autograph card or a group of numbered cards depending on what was pulled and how much was pulled for the month.
  6. Year end winner, the champ of the leagues, will be given a BCW Prize Pack and Hit Pack from my Topps Reviews.
  7. IF IT ENDS UP BEING TWO LEAGUES, I will split the prizes. The person with the most points will get to choose between the BCW prize or the Topps prize. The other winner gets the leftover choice.
  8. I will post on here the winners screen name in the league. It is up to that winner to contact me within 72 hours to claim their prize or it goes to second place.
  9. Prizes will be from my Topps reviews and from BCW Supplies. Please take a moment out to thank them.
  10. You will have til February 15th 2018 to comment below that you are in. Once the league or leagues are set up, there will be no more open slots to enter beyond that date.
  11. I will be participating as well so look out for that challenge or lack there of.
  12. Good Luck to those that enter and have fun!
So remember, read all directions, comment below I Am In, give me your email address and off we go!

REVIEW:2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball

After a treacherous 2017 football season in which my Giants were the laughing stock of the NFL, I had to witness a Super Bowl with two of my most hated teams and see the eventual winner come from my teams division, it was more than time for baseball season.

And nothing kicks off baseball season more than seeing the first baseball card release. This to me is the start of baseball season.

I can picture it now, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of a ball hitting a catchers mitt and the crack of the bat smashing a ball out of the stadium. Oh boy. Summer and baseball right around the....hold on. Then I look out my window and see the new fresh 12 inches of snow and try to brush it off.

At least for now, I have Series 1 to reflect on.
In every box of 2018 Topps Series one hobby, you will find yourself dreaming of  baseball season with 36 packs of 10 cards each. Boxes will come with one hit and run around $65 currently.

The base set which is 350 cards deep, has modernized their design just like the last few years. I saw so many complaints about this years design and the boycotting of the product. Now let's be honest, you're gonna buy some at some point and realize the design is actually pretty darn cool. I thought the design when it was first released was okay, but seeing it in person it grew on me fast and I have actually seen those who said they were boycotting it actually enjoying it after seeing the design in person. 

You can call it ride the wave, I think that's a good way to put it, but I think it looks like a graphic off from MLB Network. The one thing these type of designs without borders leads to, it lets us see some amazing photography.

Here are some of my favorites along with the subsets within the product.

Brett is diving right on in!
Wall Crashes!

Matt Kemp gives his base card a thumbs up!

World Series, Future Stars, and Nicknames

League Leaders. Sadly this was my only Judge base of the three offered in the product.

And team cards. These all have amazing photography.

The rookies are in here too. Who will be this years Aaron Judge? It's important to snag these guys early.
And just like with past Topps releases, there is lots of photo variations. This years comes pounding with over 100 of them. I do think that's a bit much. I would much rather prefer six really tough SSP's instead.

Luckily tho, these are easy to spot thanks to the codes again on the back of the cards. Base cards end in 87.
Sp's like this Billy Hamilton I found,
end in 43
There are also SSP's that end in 44.

Now here is probably the only part of the product I didn't care much about, the parallels especially the Gold ones I found. The problem without borders is figuring out how to do these parallels they provide. Honestly, this wouldn't be the way I would do them. Very hard to spot unless you really are looking. I think you either gold it up like 1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallions or you simply go back to old Topps days and gold the names and logos. This background didn't work for me.
The foil Parallels are a bit different as they are easy to spot because of their shine.
Other parallels include,
  • Vintage Stock Parallel numbered to 99.
  • Independence Day Parallel numbered to 76.
  • Black Parallel numbered to 67
  • Mother's Day Pink Parallel  numbered to 50.
  • Father's Day Blue Parallel numbered to 50.
  • Memorial Day Camo Parallel numbered to 25.
  • Clear Parallel numbered to 10
  • Negative Parallel
  • Platinum Parallel 1/1.
  • Printing Plates 1/1.
Now onto the inserts. Most of these have parallels of, Blue Parallel, Black Parallel ,Gold Parallel, Red Parallel and Platinum Parallel.

I really like the Superstar Sensations inserts. Great design. Something I could see being done with a base set down the road. Topps Fire maybe...These fall 1:8 packs
Topps celebrates the 35th Anniversary of this iconic design that fall 1:4 packs.

Topps Now celebrating the most sold cards from the program. Looks like they fall a couple per box.

MLB Awards capturing the players who won 2017 awards. Pulled a Judge! These fall 1:8 packs

Topps Salute that celebrates events during the 2017 season like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, top rookies and Jackie Robinson Day. I wasn't a fan of the design of these or the inclusion unless they were done differently. Felt like subset cards to me. I pulled a ton as well and they fall 1:8 packs. Felt more like 1:3

This is a pretty cool promo.  Find one of these cards in packs,
Choose the game you think they will hit a home run. If they do, you win a prize and are entered into the grand prize drawing for a trip to the 2019 Home Run Derby. Pretty stinkin cool. Anyone want to help pick a game for Jake Lamb?

Now onto the hit,

I pulled a MLB ALL-STAR GAME MEDALLION CARDS of Mookie Betts, These actually fall 1:1000+ so it's a decent tough pull. Sometimes I prefer to see cards like this instead of the usual plain color game used swatch I normally land.
Other hits, all with parallels, to be found in here include,
OVERALL: I can never truly tell how I feel about Series 1. My box probably didn't get full value back but I had a lot of fun and was ready to dig into the new baseball card season. Isn't that really what it's all about? It really isn't much of a gamble and is offered in many forms even if you don't want to gamble hobby box wise. I have seen some good retail hits as well.

I have also heard/seen collation in this years product is perfect. Not many doubles at all. Which makes a purchase even more valuable.

If you are one of the ones who protested this years design, I promise you it's not that bad and I think you will enjoy it. So listen to Troy who is pointing in the right direction so you will go grab yourself some.
Please take a minute out to thank Topps for providing the box to review. Some of the cards you see above will be included in a future to be announced baseball promo! Follow Topps on all social media sites and check out their website HERE for cards and more! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Cards On Display

When I was growing up and growing up into the hobby, for some reason or another, my father and I liked to display our cards in the oddest places and take pictures of them. Not even good pictures. They were mostly a-bit-blur Polaroids. But, it was the best we had.

Most of the time these pictures focused on Ken Griffey Jr but sometimes we would focus on other cards as well.  Our favorites.

The pictures I have on display today are ones we took of my Ken Griffey Jr collection at the time. The first one here was taken on my rusty-ole display stand for my Pinnacle Inside baseball cards. I think the one Griffey that shines is the '89 UD.

Griffey Starting Lineups with their cards were always on my wall among other Ken Griffey Jr items. I no longer have most of these in this picture. Just the pennant.

I can't even tell where we took these.

These however were taken on a hot summer day on my dad's beat-up old car.

 And they may have had more value than the actual car. They at least were in better condition.

So with so many mail days coming in a row, I was wondering to myself which cards my father and I would have chosen to go in our "masterpiece" photo.

There would be a couple here in my mail day from P-Town sent me from Waiting 'til Next Year blog who recently mailed me some Hamptons.

A 1996 Topps Throwback and 1995 Topps Finest Boosters insert.

1996 Pinnacle Xpress that sadly only lasted a year despite it's great look.

1992 Stadium Club that I didn't realize I was missing til P-Town sent them along.

1997 Goudey. The mini cards. I was glad to finally have this one knocked off the needs list.

Here is one that may have made the cut for our display. 1997 Pacific Revolution Proteges with Tiki Barber. Sharp looking card.

And one that definitely would have made the cut. Hologram, shiny. Nothing better in a photo and on display than a card like this. This is actually also the die cut version I have been needing.
Thanks again P-Town for the excellent selection of Rodney's! Thanks to you I have reached the 530 different card mark! I will get more Cubs out to you soon!

My next mail day, this one from my friend @APetrelak on Twitter and I pulled off another small trade. He posted some basketball cards that caught my eye so I inquired and sent some hockey his way.

He also threw in couple bonuses being the good guy he is. Some Yanks here,

and a Gary Sanchez rookie I didn't have
The main part of trade was around some rookies that later transpired to some hits as well. I wanted this Ingram for my NBA rookie PC

And these Simmons because he is pretty solid player. These cards would have made the display as we liked top rookies.

And to end the mail day, we worked in a couple relics. Brown is having a decent season and the Payton I liked because of the two-color swatch.
Thanks again Alec for the trade. Looking forward to our next. 
I also found a couple of cards in my mail day from Tracy on Twitter @batcavelv.

A few Yanks cards I didn't have including a shiny Clint Frazier

Robert Refsnyder who I wished could have panned out more. Still a nice relic from one of my favorite underrated products.

One of the cards that would have been in our display from Tracy, this 50/50 autograph of Travis Rudolph. This guy blew it up in the preseason but failed to make much of an impact in the regular season. However the Giants really like his upside so he may stay around and I hope he does. I loved watching him in the preseason. Either way just glad to have my first Gmen autograph of him.
And then was this bag. Inside of the bag was an item guaranteed to have been on my father's rusty-old car.
Boom! Jumbo card, jumbo bat swatch. Love it!

Card is numbered to 500 and actually has the digits 24 in the 124/500. Works for me!
Big thanks to Tracy! I hope to get your return out soon that has been sitting on my desk forever.
I no longer display cards like that or take pictures of them, other than on here, in weird spots. I actually don't display cards at all. They are all tucked away. I feel like the more exposure the more of a chance an autograph fades, a card bends or something will happen to them. I know it sounds weird and odd that I don't want to display my hobby, but I just don't.
However, I am wondering, what card or cards you would have displayed on my father's car, my rusty shelf, the lawn and other places we did to take pictures of? Let me hear them in comments and why!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Playing Catch Up

I am still playing the catch-up game when it comes to mail days.

Out of the blue, I went from an empty mail day list to a full one. The sad part is, it's quickly emptying.

In the meantime while I try to think of a way to refill it, here is what I recently recieved in.

Up first, this sick looking Davis Webb jersey card from @JGfan24ever. This has gotta be one of Panini's better looking memorabilia cards. Nice layout, design and love the team color around the outside.
Thanks Michael for the great card! 

My next mail day comes from a fellow Giants fan on Twitter @StephenJFurlong. He saw my want list and offered up the card I needed just out of kindness. Gotta love this hobby we are apart of. Not only did he offer up a card off from my want list, he also threw in some extra PC fun.

1999 Absolute SSD Brett Favre base. Yes, base! Whatever happened to base cards being so creative??? Now it's simply just cardboard.

Look at the back of this card. Superb!

A dual refractor of the main guy in today's post, you will need to read on to see it and Troy Aikman. Great looking card. I miss Topps having the football license.

A new Rodney!! Cool looking to. You can definitely tell this one is from the 90's. Looks like Rodney was guest starring on an episode of Saved By The Bell.

Next is a Brandon Jacobs relic. Being both Giants fans we both appreciate a card like this. I have other Jacob relics, but didn't have this one. Loved how this guy ran. So powerful.

Now onto the main course. The autograph is a tad faded, and I mean a tad, but still a beautiful on-card autograph of Mark Brunell that will knock it off of my want list. If you didn't know, I was a big fan of watching Mark back in the late 90's and the Jags were my second favorite team.
A big thanks to Stephen for his kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated! 

The final mail day in today's post is from A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts who I just pulled off my first trade with. He had posted his hits from some recent Golden Age breaks that he had dupes of so I inquired and we traded.

Along with the main trade meat, he also threw in some sides.

Eli Manning running the audible on the front of this Score card.

Mario Manningham rookie I didn't have. I mentioned earlier how I missed Topps NFL products, well that goes for Upper Deck as well. Look at this card. This is the way premier photos should be used.

This Kevin Dyson Leather football die cut from the iconic 1998 Playoff Contenders product. Dyson was the main guy in the Music City Miracle play in the NFL playoffs Vs Buffalo in 1999. He was also the guy who was tackled one yard short in the Titans vs Rams Super Bowl. Of course now he is still making an impact for kids as an assistant principal in Tennessee.

I love these cards and will take any of these for my 90's PC. So keep that in mind.

Jayne Mansfield pop up. She may had also been a pop up in Playboy as well. She was one of the early playmates, was in theater, film, and TV. She was also a nightclub singer.

Mary Pickford was born in the late 1800's and was an actress and producer into the 1900's.

David Pollock on-card autograph. He was best known for his role in The Bad News Bears as Rudi Stein.
Thanks Jon for the cards. I will hopefully get yours out to you soon. 

I still have more catching up to do with mail day posts and mail days in general. At least it's not the kind of catching up that the Patriots had to do versus the Falcons, I am at least not that far behind.