Saturday, March 10, 2018

#SCC6YR BCW Prize Pack Winner!

I must apologize for the delay in posting my winner for this contest on here. I got glasses yesterday and it's taking some adjustment to get used to. I have never had glasses in my entire life but after finding out I have astigmatism in both of my eyes last week, I had to finally get a pair. It's definitely going to take me some time to get used to.

I read through all of your comments on the BCW contest entry page and it seemed like a lot of you agreed that the box breaks and reviews are your favorite reads on here. I am actually happy about that since it takes me an hour plus to write those.

As I stated for that contest, a winner would be determined by the amount of views that post would get. So the amount of views was 534 total. I did expect more but hey I will take it.
The closest person on this was.....
Jafronius with 555. He was only 21 off. One other was close with their guess of 500 but this one takes the cake.
Congrats to Jafronius on the contest win. Please email me at with your address with subject line BCW Winner and I will pass it onto BCW Supplies.
Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be another contest firing up tomorrow so stay tuned!

REVIEW:2018 Topps Heritage Baseball

Hot off the presses, the latest fan favorite Topps Heritage hit the market and it is, hot, hot, hot. It's been a great last couple of years in the baseball card market.

Heritage is always a fun bust for me looking at classic throwback designs with new players is always a draw-in.

This year we get to see the 1969 design. So let's take a gander shall we?

Every box of 2018 Topps Heritage baseball comes with 24 packs of 9 cards each. Boxes have one autograph or one relic per and boxes currently run $110 each.
Each box also comes with a box topper. Mine was a three-ad panel.

Here is the front of the card,

And here is the back.

The base set is 500 cards. Yes, 500.

There is also 100 short prints in that mix as well, These make up cards 401-500 in the base set.

Players who were moved in the offseason are shown in their new uniforms as well and that was one reason I really wanted to bust some so I could get this card right here ↓↓↓↓

Can't wait to see this guy batting in pinstripes. 

The base set also features many of the fun subsets from the 1969 Topps like, 
League Leaders

Topps News All-Stars (this was my favorite design)

****this is the backs of the Topps News All Stars and are put together to make a puzzle. One of Bellinger, the other of Judge****

Rookie Stars,

and World Series Highlights 

And of course Heritage wouldn't be Heritage without some Sp's and photo variations. I pulled an Action Photo variation, the easiest to find in Heritage at 1:35 packs, of Yankees slugger Clint Frazier.

Once again the easiest way to spot these without getting frustrated is using the codes on the back of the card,

Here are the codes to spot,
Base ends in 65
Error ends in 98
Traded ends in 99
Throwback ends in 00
Action Image ends in 01
Team Name Color Swap ends in 02
Rookie Cup Error ends in 03
Nickname ends in 04

Heritage has base card parallels which I didn't pull any of in my box. Not sure if I have ever pulled one. Black Border,  Flip Stock and 100th Anniversary MLB Logo can be found.

As always, Heritage gets chromed! Only 100 of the cards in the set are chromed. Parallels include Refractors /569, Black /69, Gold /5 and Superfractors 1/1

Inserts include,

News Flashbacks that fall 1:20

Baseball Flashbacks that fall 1:20

Then & Now that falls 1:20

New Age Performers that falls 1:12 packs

And 1969 Topps Deckle Edge that falls 1:10 packs. I think these are the best inserts in the product.

And now onto the hit.

It was my usual find in a box of Heritage, a relic. Oy.

Other hits to find not in my box include,
  • 1969 Baseball Cut Signatures
  • 1969 Celebrity Cut Signatures
  • Baseball Flashbacks Autograph Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics
  • Real One Autographs
  • Real One Dual Autographs
  • Real One Triple Autographs
  • Reggie Jackson Rookie Buyback Autographs
  • Seattle Pilots Autographs
  • 1969 Mint Relics Nickel
  • 1969 US Postal Stamp Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics
OVERALL: Well, if you're looking at this as a fun standpoint, it was fun and a lot of it. If you're looking at this as a value standpoint, you may cry. I highly doubt for a $100+ box a Jon Gray relic is going to help cover losses. This is one problem I have with a product like this. One hit, costs a lot and 9 out of 10 times you are getting a relic. I would like to see at least one auto and one memorabilia per box.

When I buy Heritage, I always go retail knowing you can find the autograph and relic hits there as well. It also is only at most $20 so it's not a huge gamble as a hobby box is.

As for the overall Heritage appeal, the design is classic, the cards look nice and I have heard from many collectors it's a very tempting to build a set kind of product. I feel the same way. I think the challenge of chasing the 100 Sp's to finish the final 100 cards would be a fun one.


Please take a minute out to thank Topps for providing the box to review. Some of the cards you see above will be included in the Fantasy Baseball contest! Follow Topps on all social media sites and check out their website HERE for cards and more!

Friday, March 9, 2018

State Of The Blog March 2018

Here is my state of the blog address for March. I don't normally do these types of posts but I think an update was needed on here.

First, I am gonna try to make the blog itself a bit "cleaner" and neat by eliminating some of the extra side pictures and info I don't really need on the interface of the blog. I will include those in one of the tabs instead.

The blog header, may also get an updated version as well. I want it to speak more about what I collect.

The tabs overall are in dire need of updates. I do keep up with the want lists on here and checking things off as I get them, which isn't very fast, the problem I have is I don't update them with more I want. That is coming soon.

Set collecting will be split up soon. There are a few newer sets I will be chasing but there will also be a Sets Of My Childhood tab with tons of wants on there. I know many of you go to card shows so you may find some of my needs in the nickel and dime boxes to trade to me.

I am considering a trade bait tab but that will mostly be for those who I normally trade with. I don't mind trading with new people as long as shipping is within the U.S. and they can come backed by a normal trader of mine or if I already know of you. Most bloggers I will trade with just because I know we are all in this together as long as I can ship to U.S.

I am also considering an Ask The Blogger tab where people can comment and I will respond in a post to answer their questions.

Other tabs just need a facelift update and others need to be combined.

As for posts, I don't plan on changing a whole lot. I do like what I have improved upon for this year but some of the new segments may disappear over time just because they are a bit of challenge to keep up with and some will be coming to an end just because that's as long as I can make the series. But, I am always keeping the mind rolling for new ideas.

One more thing I am pondering over is moving The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict to here as a series instead of an individual blog, getting rid of Snagging Cardboard and using that name as the name of this blog. There is just something catchy about it and it makes sense for here. Thoughts on these moves are welcomed below. **Remember, these are just an idea, doesn't mean it's going to happen**

Something that is non blog related, I plan on doing more posts on my Twitter and Facebook accounts for extra interaction so if you haven't followed me @SportCardCollec on Twitter or find Sport Card Collectors on Facebook, please do so.

All of this just like with anything else will take time to build. I am hoping by summer I will have most of this fixed. Some of it will have to wait til I get everything sorted, some of it requires photos, so on and so forth. I am hoping sooner rather than later on updating all of these but we will see.

Finally, if you ever have any suggestions on what you would like to read about, just put it in comments as I may consider them.

Thanks for checking in and happy collecting!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

REVIEW:2017 Panini Vertex Football

It's time for some football! Well, that's how I feel at least. Football season never ends in my world as we have Free Agency and the Draft right around the corner so busting some new NFL products is still on the agenda.

Vertex is a new brand to the Panini line that looks very promising from the previews. So let's take a dive in and see how this product looks and what we can find.

Every box of Panini Vertex football has 8 cards per pack, 3 packs per box. You should find four autographs per box along with two memorabilia cards. Boxes started out at $300 but have since dropped to $260. Still high end and risky.

The base set is 100 cards. The base design is clean and simple with an all white background and a touch of embossing for a border. The fun thing is late season trades and moves have been updated in the product such as Adrian Peterson with the Cardinals.
However I can't find any info on a rookie like this Myles Garrett as the checklist from what I see contains veterans. If I find any updated info on this I will fix this post.
The product has border parallels which includes Quartz /99 (below), Granite /10, Marble /5, and Onyx 1/1.
The inserts in Vertex look really cool. My favorite was these Air Supremacy. Lots of color. I need to find the Eli Manning version.

Ground Control simply jumps off the cardboard at you.

Past And Present doesn't only look nice, but what a unique theme and layout of players from past and present. Can you imagine Goff handing it off to Dickerson?
Nemesis is exactly what it is. Players who built up a rivalry over the years. This one has George and Lewis. Sounds like a boxing match-up.

Now onto the hits I found in my break. It was full of painful finds.

Startups is a memorabilia set with a jumbo size swatch.
My next pull was a Capstones autograph redemption card of Latvius Murray. Ouch.
My next pull was an The Ascent autograph of Jarrod Davis.
Next up, a base cards auto of Kyle Juszczyk. Nice to see the fullbacks getting some love but this probably wasn't the type of product to do that in.
And my final pull, probably the best of the box was this Thomas Rawls Capstones autograph. Love the layout of the card.
Other hits to find in these breaks include,
Apogee Autographs , Legendary Capstones Autograph Relics, Championship Ink,Closers Relics
Difference Makers Autographs,Domination Relics,Highly Revered Autographs,Number Ones Autographs,One-of-a-Kind Autographs ,Portraits Relics, Super Bowl Autographs, Unbreakable Relics, Upper Tier Signatures, Vertex Signatures,Vertex Signatures Granite and Vertex Materials.
OVERALL:The product no doubt looks incredible. I think design-wise Panini nailed it. However, this break was terrible. A FB, A LB, a redemption of a backup RB, and two plain relics doesn't scream hobby value. Especially for close to $300 box of cards. This break would luckily at most maybe get a third of that back.

I cannot say all breaks were as bad as mine though. I have seen some incredible box breaks on Twitter from others and the checklist is full, full of big name stars.

Here is the checklist for 2017 Panini Vertex football HERE.

Like with all products especially high end ones there is always a risk factor involved. So if you don't like risks, then I suggest joining a box break of the product. I definitely will not tell you to stay away as the product looks so nice. I like the product and hope I can add some of the NY Giants from it.

Most of the hits, if not all, from this break will be given away for #SCC6YR celebration. Please, please tell Panini America and Tracy Hackler thanks for the shot at these cards. Without their support with these reviews giveaways wouldn't be possible. Check them out at Panini America website and all social media sites.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The GOAT's Autograph

I recently posted two boxes of Goodwin Champions that I got as a prize for my latest Upper Deck Volunteer Alliance mission and promised to post rest of that mail day.

Well, here it is so hold on tight!

Up first some promo packs from hockey events. I think the Golden Knights cards are pretty cool.

Next a Joe Theismann relic, my first of his. The card actually states that the relic is game used which I found that to be extremely interesting knowing that most of the relics in Goodwin are usually player worn. Goudey Autograph of Max Holloway. Not sure who he is, but he has an interesting autograph.

I do know who Steven Stamkos is. Nice score right here.

But nothing tops finding this card in my mail day. THE GOAT. Yes, GOAT. There is no greater running back than Barry. Sorry Rodney if I offended you but I am sure you would even agree.
I usually only call GOATs ones who win multiple championships and lead their teams to them. But, Barry falls under a different category. Nobody can run like he did. I haven't ever seen a back that can go backwards 20 yards and take it to the house with some overly swifty moves. No running back can break a guys ankles like Barry. No player was THE TEAM like Barry. Nobody will ever step away from the game like Barry (even though Calvin Johnson sort of did) Everything was based around Barry and he was the bright spot that everyone wanted to see. I mean that's the only reason I ever watched Thanksgiving games. The sad thing is that Detroit never provided much talent to go with him so a ring was never going to happen. He deserved one just like Emmitt and all of his.

I am extremely happy to finally have Barry off of my want list something I wasn't sure would ever happen.

A big thanks to UD for another fun mission and mail day. I am looking forward to the next!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Is 1996 Pinnacle Football Possibly The Greatest Base Set Ever?

I recently showed off a box of 1996 Pinnacle football and mentioned how I wanted to take a further look at the base cards in the set. Well, today is your lucky day as I will take a dive into more these.

I didn't remember how great this base set was until I was reminded when I did my box break. I can't remember a set with such in-depth photography and fun shots for any sport. That's at least what you get for 182 of the cards. The last 18 cards in the 200 card set is a mix of checklists and a Cowboy/49er subset known as Super Bowl Bid For 6 .

Pinnacle had always been known to put out a solid product with good photography, but I think the 1996 football takes the cake even though I was a huge fan of 1995 as well. We will take a dive into a really solid box break of that soon.
The design of the base card is simple in 1996. A 1996 Pinnacle wording in the corner and a golden pinnacle that has the player name and is borderless at the bottom. It's a beautiful mixture.

Let's take a gander at some of them.

Finding guys like Craig Hayward dragging three Packers defenders along or Rashaan Salaam diving for extra yards over the Houston defense.

A cute father/son Pinnacle QB moment withe Boomer Esiason. I wonder what Boomer would think if I tweeted this card at him of such a touching moment?

Jeff Blake showing how cold it can be on game day.

Sideline shots of some of the NFL's mean guys.

A Lambeau Leap!

Some guys flying and diving. I really like the Larry Centers end zone catch one. That's an amazing shot and one you never see.

Jerry Rice has a unique one. He is catching a football bomb over the bay showcasing his speed.

I found this to be an odd choice of a base card for Drew Bledsoe. Usually a card focuses on a player running, throwing or making a big play. Not this one. Drew is absolutely getting smacked around. Odd choice, but great photo.

The rooks show off their skills in Training camp like Keyshawn here.

I guess players like things on their head. Garrison puts on a Gatorade cup while Steve puts his helmet on backwards.

Neil O'Donnell doing his best Tom Brady impression, sorry jokes about the Patriots cheating ways never get old. And Bobby Hoying fooling around in the stands.

Put the ball in the air and swing it around like you just don't care!

And finally Mark Brunell after running one in for a score. I really like this photo shot. It makes you feel like you are on the sidelines watching it live.

Remember this was only some of the images in the set. There are many other great ones but these were my personal favorites. 

Now the question to you is, do you agree? Do you think this is the greatest looking all around base set now that you have seen them? Let me know in comments if you agree or can name one that's better.

By the way, I am chasing down this set and have the set numbers listed under my set needs. Thanks for reading!