Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Big Sort 2019 Update!

And so it begins.

Just last week I finally finished the final touches on putting everything away that was on my floor, desk, shelves, etc, etc, etc and now my Big Sort of 2019 can begin! Not sure I would have finished any of this part without my BCW sorting trays.

This was the final pieces I had to take care of. (Also take note of my desk decorations Gavin ;) ) 

The big sort begins with my Ken Griffey Jr collection. Something that has been needing be done since the 90's. Yes it has been that long.

I started a little bit on this last night. Very little.

I have two binders and the stack in the middle to sort by year. By year, oy! Then these will put into a checklist on my computer then to be uploaded to here. I expect a month at least into this project.

I will continue to post updates as I go along and show off some cool Griffey's as well. My hope is that this part of my collection will be as organized as my Rodney Hampton. I will not be surprised either if I have some dupes to trade as I have been eye balling cards over the years I thought I needed. I will post those as well.

I am kinda of curious how you guys sort your bigger player pc's? Maybe it will change the direction I plan to with this one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My First Ruth Auto

No sorry, it's not Babe. We both are dreaming if that was the case.

Even though it's not Babe, it's still a Ruth auto and still apart of Babe's bloodline.

I recently won a contest from Babe's Long Ball Licorice who were giving autographs of Babe Ruth's granddaughter Linda Ruth Tosetti signed on Babe's cards. I thought I would throw my hat in for a unique piece for my Yankees collection along with my best shot of ever owning a piece of Babe's history.

Just a few days ago, this arrived,

The blue ink looks great on this card. It's also dated and very readable. Athletes take note!

Back of the card. It's from the Babe Ruth Collection set.

If your curious about what Babe's granddaughter does, she currently does lectures at many universities about her grandfather and has been a guest speaker at the Hall Of Fame, Babe Ruth Museum and Ted Williams Museum among many other places. I bet she is fun to listen to.

Thanks goes out to Babe's Longball Licorice for this great piece for my collection. Also, if you haven't yet, check out their licorice and soon to come a new Apple flavor by visiting them on their site, HERE.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Is It Real?

Recently my buddy @JGfan24ever sent me a bit of a surprise mail day. He originally messaged me to let me know a couple of cards were on there way, but much more than that showed up.

Let's take a look

1989 Action Packed. This year of action packed ranks right up there with one of the best designs the product released. But, for me, 1996 takes tops.

Are you seeing double? Nope. Unless you work for Panini. Double the picture, double the fun.

What is Eli really doing on the tablet? Googling his brother? Seeing what to do after his career ends? Trying to read the defense? Looking for a good B&B? We will never know but what I do know is that I like this sidelines shot. Score has had some really unique takes on it's inserts the last few years.

A new Davis Webb. This time a shiny The Rookies from Donruss. Donruss doesn't get enough credit in the hobby, Panini did a great revive of the product.

Andre Williams appeared like a Prestigious Pick at the time, just a year or two later, not so much. But, still a fun etched insert none-the-less.

I remember a time when teams feared the Giants dline. Felt like years ago....oh wait....

Carter appears to have a bright future ahead for the Giants. I sure hope so.

Finally have one of these in hand!!!! I did just trade for one but that's okay, the more Saquon the better! Especially in Prizm form.

Two new Judge pre-rookie cards for my PC.

Gleyber is one of my main Yankees PC's so these were two welcomed additions. I especially dig the Crusade.

Now onto the two pieces I knew was coming. Kind of unique additions to my Ken Griffey Jr collection. Michael believes that these were signed IP that his father had.

Check them out,

Now let's check out what a Griffey autograph from a company looks like

There seems to be quite the difference. But, the Fleer one looks like the more possible between the two.

So either Ken had changed his autograph over the years, which you never know, or they aren't real. Either way, I am keeping them as unique adds to my PC. I like the oddballs that nobody else has.

A big thanks to Michael for this great mail day and the generosity again.

To those of you who recognize autographs better than me, your thoughts on the Griffey's below or any comment on the mail day is appreciated!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Nuttin But The Hits: 2018 Contenders Football Hobby Box (6 Hits!)

During the AFC and NFC divisional games last weekend, Panini hosted it's popular #PaniniWildCard promotion once again with prizes galore!It had been some time since they last did this contest, back in the day it was a lot of fun, so I kept track to see how to enter and the prizes.

To enter you had to shoot a selfie of yourself with your favorite 2018 Panini card. I don't post selfies anywhere, except occasionally Facebook, and decided I wasn't going to do it. Then I found a mask I had lying around and said, why not try it with that on in hopes that my entry would count. Well, it did and I was the very first winner. The prizes, well, 2018 Contenders hobby boxes and one person would win a Drew Brees autograph if they could get the most RT's. I would have been happy with the Brees as he is on my want list, but I really wanted a box of Contenders which is my favorite product year in and year out.

I love the rookie tickets and was hoping I would finally have some luck with Contenders a product that I always hoped for a promising finish that ended up always disappointing. I saw other winners from the contests that lasted both days pull Lamar Jackson auto, Baker Mayfield auto and even a Antonio Brown autograph. So I was hoping that they left a Saquon for me.

Instead I was left hanging with Contenders once again.

Box with all of this years rookie studs on it.

A damaged base card. Hopefully I wasn't going for the set

Need the Saquon version of this.
Need the NY Giants version of this card. Pretty cool looking.

Need the Saquon base version of this. Of course I would take the parallels to. I got Gallup with an eBay 1/1 with 1/49.

Now onto the hits which included a bonus one!
Tanner Lee. He is #3 on the Jaguars depth chart. Maybe has a shot next year. I will hold onto this for now just in case.

Billy Price. Nice autograph but an offensive lineman which is offensive to this box.However, I do like how Panini includes more athletes autos in this product.

 Braxton Berrios who plays for a good team is also not playing on the IR. ouch. Maybe next year?

Chase Edmonds is another guy I will keep an eye on down the road. He had 208 rushing yards and two TD's in 2018. This 4th round draft pick will find it hard to find a lot of time on the field being behind David Johnson.


And my final hit was the best of the box and one I will hold onto for awhile. No plans of trading it off with possible potential here. This is Nyheim Hines who was a 4th round pick of the Colts. This is also a Ticket Stub parallel /49 as you can tell by the top of the card which I think is a pretty lame parallel lol. But, it does fit the theme. He had a decent season both rushing for 314 yards while also pulling in 425 receiving. Could be someone to watch next year especially if he gets more time to play.

Overall this was a sad, sad box for a $200. Luckily I won it and didn't pay for it as that would have blown my top off. The best card was the last one and even that card isn't going for much. Not that cards to me are about money and value.

Thoughts on my box break are welcomed below!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Looking For Toys!

They say some of us never grow up and in a way I believe that's true. But, I don't think its because some of us are being childish, it's just that some of us are trying to hold onto our youth a little longer. Especially as we grow a bit older. More importantly, for me at least, it's about the nostalgia and the memories attached to them.

That's what my search for my childhood toys has been about.

When I was in 8th grade, my parents decided it was time for me to ditch my toys so they sold them all to my cousins for a few measly bucks. Those were things I wanted to hold onto especially a few of the pieces that had extra memories attached. My family didn't have a lot of money so when my grandmother, well both of them, saved up and picked up a figure for me for Christmas and birthdays it truly meant something. Or when my uncle actually got me something for my birthday like the Darkwing Duck Megavolt and even though I already had one, I accepted his like a heartwarming gift. Or even my own parents got me one a few times when I didn't get a notebook or candy for Christmas it meant something.

As I turn another year older in a few months, I decided maybe it was time I try to hunt down some of those specific toys and have them. So far I haven't added any of them as I will need some help from trading buddies to do so. Yes, I will trade cards for toys.

Here's a list of specific toys I would be looking for and they don't have to be in packaging, just in decent shape. I also made some notes next to ones that I would like a certain way. Remember these are action figures.
  • 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads Green Ranger Tommy Figure (just acquired this week thanks to a trade via @Jake1725)
  • 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lord Zedd Figure (not the light up figure though I had that one as well)
  • 1993-1994? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger Tommy  Figure (not McDonalds version)
  • 1989 TMNT Baxter Stockmon (prefer to have it complete with wings etc)
  • 1992-1993 Mighty Max Playset. Any of them will work as long as they are complete sets with Max and villian and NOT the Mcdonalds ones.
  • 1991 Playmates Darkwing Duck Bushroot
  • 1991 Playmates Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck (prefer complete with hat)
  • 1991 Playmates Darkwing Duck Megavolt
  • 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Toxie
  • 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Headbanger
  • 1991 Playmates Toxic Crusaders Dr.Killemoff
  • 1983-1984 Mattel Masters Of The Universe Battle Damage Skeletor
  • 1983-1984 Mattel Masters Of The Universe Battle Damage He-Man
  • 1993 Batman The Animated Series Clayface
  • 1993 Batman The Animated Series Batman
  • 1993 Batman The Animated Series Robin
  • 1993 Batman The Animated Series TwoFace
  • 1991 or 1992 TMNT Leo
  • 1991 or 1992 TMNT Donnie
  • 1992 TMNT Shredder
  • 1991 TMNT Splinter
None of these are overly expensive. Usually under $30. And some I would take other figures to such as the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger flip heads and other Darkwing Duck figures.

Hopefully now that I threw these out there I can knock some of these off my want lists. They will also become fun posts later on as well when or if I do.

How many of you are chasing down some fun toys you used to have when you were a child or do you still own yours? What are they? Let me know in comments!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Ken Griffey Jr PC Numbers Updated

I finally sat down on Sunday morning, had a nice cup of coffee by my side and grabbed a delicious frosted apple Toaster Strudel and decided since I don't have anything to post about on here right now without an idea hitting me and my lack of mail days since the end of the year, it was time to update my PC numbers and maybe even turn them into posts. I am not sure how often you guys even check out the tabs on here to begin with.

Today we will take a look at my Ken Griffey Jr tab and see the latest updated numbers,

OTHER ODD MEMORABILIA CARDS: 6 (CLASS RING, PANINI FATHER'S DAY, Topps Coin/Stamp, Topps Display Card Plate, Upper Deck Santa Hat, Donruss Bench )

Not much changed in terms of Autograph and memorabilia cards, but we hit the 1,300 total now with 152 cards added to this PC since July of last year. I also have more on the way in a current trade I am working on. I also need to do my re-organization of this PC along with updating a checklist on here so I can get more involved with trading for Juniors again. I try to back down on him since I have no idea what I have and don't have. Most trades I do take in with Griffey I eyeball it and say, yup, looks good. I prefer to be really sure now especially since my dupes pile is growing. Hate to lose cards I trade for cards I don't need. I don't collect dupes.

Well, that's it for the updates. I usually update Hampton and set needs as I go so please check out those tabs as well especially if you have cards to help with those.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

NY Giants PC Numbers Are Updated

I finally sat down on Sunday morning, had a nice cup of coffee by my side and grabbed a delicious frosted apple Toaster Strudel and decided since I don't have anything to post about on here right now without an idea hitting me and my lack of mail days since the end of the year, it was time to update my PC numbers and maybe even turn them into posts. I am not sure how often you guys even check out the tabs on here to begin with.

Today we will take a look at my NY Giant PC Numbers tab and see the latest updated numbers,

Total Cards: 4,835
Rookie Cards:1,031
Jersey Cards: 318
Autographed Cards: 346
Printing Plates:10
Printing Plate Autographs:1
Nike Swoosh Cards:1
NFL Logo *partial corner of one*-1
2012 Topps Chrome Refractor RAINBOW Rueben Randall

Key Player Breakdown:
Eli Manning  506 Cards
3 Autographs
39 Jersey Cards

Paul Perkins 53 Cards
13 Autographs
12 Jersey Cards

Odell Beckham Jr 319 cards
5 Autographs
15 Jersey Cards
2 Panini Rookie Autographed Photos

Hakeem Nicks 215 Cards
8 Autographs
10 Jersey Cards

Victor Cruz 133 Cards
3 Autographs
3 Jersey Cards

Sterling Shepard  77 cards
18 Autographs
18 Jersey Cards

Jerrel Jernigan 32 Cards
23 Autographs
7 Jersey Cards

Rueben Randle  235 cards
38 Autographs
18 Jersey Cards

Andre Williams  157 cards
32 Autographs
24 Jersey Cards

Ahmad Bradshaw 58 card
3 Autographs
6 Jersey Cards

Jason Pierre Paul 65 cards
4 Autographs
0 Jersey Cards

Rodney Hampton  580  Cards
13 Autographs
0 Jersey Cards

Michael Strahan 96 Cards
1 Autographs
5 Jersey Cards

Prince Amukamara 4 Cards
3 Autographs
1 Jersey Cards

Steve Smith 43 cards
3 Autographs
4 Jersey Cards

Brandon Jacobs 74 cards
1 Autograph
8 Jersey Cards

Phil Simms 61 cards
1 Autograph
1 Jersey Cards
1 TTM Auto

Amani Toomer 68 Cards
3 Autographs
5 Jersey Cards

Andre Brown 14 Cards
7 Autographs
2 Jersey Cards

Ryan Nassib  31 Cards
11 Autographs
19 Jersey Cards

David Wilson  56 cards
16 Autographs
11 jersey Cards
1 Oversized Panini photo auto card

Eli Apple  14 Cards
5 Autograph Cards
0 Jersey Cards

Kerry Collins 80 cards
0 Autographs
1 Jersey Card

Jeremy Shockey 9 Cards
1 Autographs
2 Football Relic

Tiki Barber 99 Cards
0 Autographs
3 Jersey Cards

Justin Tuck   28 cards
0 Autographs
0 Jersey Cards

Plaxico Burress 34 cards
1 Autographs
1 Jersey Cards

Lawrence Taylor 93 Cards
1 Autographs
6 Jersey Cards

Mario Manningham  33 cards
1 Autographs *not confirmed amount many more
1  Jersey Cards *not confirmed amount many more

Davis Webb 41 cards
6 Autographed cards
13 Jersey Cards 

Evan Engram 60 cards
5 Autograph Cards
5 Jersey Cards
1/1 Nike Swatch Auto Memorabilia Card

Wayne Gallman 30 cards
10 Autographed cards
5 Jersey Cards

Saquon Barkley 42 Card
4 Autographs (includes 1 autograph SI magazine)
7 Jersey Cards

Kyle Lauletta 26 Cards
11 Autograph
1 Jersey Cards

Tons of gains here for my NY Giants. Seems like everyone was sending me Giants since October and I am not complaining. 188 total Giants cards were added to my PC since October which felt like a lot more. Big growth was found in my Kyle Lauletta, Davis Webb, Wayne Gallman and Evan Engram PC's. I must also point out above I finally hit the 500 different Eli Manning plateau which makes that PC the third biggest one I own.

Tomorrow we will look at some more numbers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

NYY PC Numbers Updated!

I finally sat down on Sunday morning, had a nice cup of coffee by my side and grabbed a delicious frosted apple Toaster Strudel and decided since I don't have anything to post about on here right now without an idea hitting me and my lack of mail days since the end of the year, it was time to update my PC numbers and maybe even turn them into posts. I am not sure how often you guys even check out the tabs on here to begin with.

Today we will take a look at my NYY PC Numbers tab and see the latest updated numbers,

Here are the latest NY Yankee updates,
Overall NY Yankees:4,163
NY Yankee Rookie Cards:770
Autograph Cards: 19
Memorabilia Cards: 39

Derek Jeter : 289
C.C. Sabathia: 58
Don Mattingly: 113
Mariano Rivera: 87
Didi Cards: 28
Servino: 24
Brett Gardner: 39
Betances: 33
Wade Boggs: 34
Jacoby Ellsbury: 36
Gary Sanchez: 58
Jason Giambi: 51
Andy Pettite:50
Bernie Williams: 74
Reggie Jackson: 27
Dave Winfield:22
Jorge Posada: 44
Mike Mussina: 54
Paul O'neil: 43
Tino Martinez: 61
Hideki Matsui: 34
Giancarlo Stanton: 29
Clint Frazier: 20
Tyler Austin: 28
Gleyber Torres: 38
Aaron Judge:109

Old timers with no vintage. Numbers are all based on newer cards.
Mickey Mantle: 73
Joe DiMaggio :20
Yogi Berra:  31
Roger Maris: 22
Lou Gehrig: 36
Whitey Ford; 35
Babe Ruth: 64

Overall I added 108 cards to these updated numbers. Once again big growths for my Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres PC's which I was expecting. I only plan on collecting three Yankees going forward with Judge, Torres and Jeter being my main focus.Derek saw some small growth with only 5 cards added since October which is the last time I updated this.

More number updates coming this week. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Sorting Project

It started on January 1st and may take me to the next January 1st to tackle the biggest sort I have ever done. My goal in the end, securing the fact I will be able to find my cards a lot easier.

However, to begin such a sort, I had to do something a bit backwards first. I had to finish up sorting the way I have always sorted to move onto the "Big Sort". I know I should have just kept this stuff out and sorted it in the new fashion, but I don't have the room and honestly with all of this laying around, it would bog me down more than get me going with momentum. I like to take things one at a time. This would be way to much to able to do that.

Not to mention I don't have the space for my plans. I had to use multiple sorting trays, a bench, a box, my floor, my entire desk, etc just to sort the stuff that has been sitting on my desk forever.

Thank Goodness for BCW Sorting Trays!

A bench I have to hold my oddball stuff by number.

Sorting tray again.

Oh my desk!

More desk space eaten up.

I still need to put this all away the old way. It's going to be quite the journey.

What's going to be my big sort? Well, it's taking apart every sports inserts, pulling out the 90's stuff for a binder on it's own, then pulling the rest out to be put into penny sleeves, by team, then into boxes instead of binders. The binders I empty will be used for putting my players back in like they used to be. I think the players I currently have in boxes are worth more than the new inserts of today. The 90's inserts will be sorted by what they are and finally grouped together to see if there are any other sets I want to build.

This is just Part 1. Part 2, I need to take apart two binders of Griffey Jr, sort them by year, by brand, put them back into a binder than do my online checklist.

Part 3 is moving my NY Giants relics from a stack on a table, into boxes sorted by player to make it easier for me to do posts with if I choose to do so.

Part 4 I am also going to take apart my relics and autograph boxes and sort them by team.

I am sure along the way I will find other ways I want to tweak things and maybe even change my plans from above as I go. All I know, it's going to take awhile. That Griffey project alone will be grueling. As all of that goes along updates on here along with some changes to things will come as well.

All I know this is going to keep me busy for awhile. So if you see me disappear and maybe miss some posts, I probably got lost in the cards. Don't call for help. I will find a way out.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Filling In Some Gaps

The only problem with getting an eBay gift card for Christmas is, it runs out at some point. That's what today's finale mail day is all about.

I spread this eBay gift card out long enough that it was able to crossover with my eBay bucks which was like beautiful music. What was remaining for my gift card and what I had for eBay bucks wasn't much, but it was just enough to fill in some gaps. Not to mention, the seller had free shipping and 20% off two or more items so timing couldn't have been any better on my part.

I was able to add three more Hamptons bringing my total to 14 with the gift card and a couple of set help cards. Let's check it out.

This is a 1995 Images Limited Icons insert. Nothing to flashy, but it does have these weird somewhat embossed lines that I hadn't seen in the scans. It was an added bonus. This was the final piece to my 1995 Images needs and was a card I hadn't seen listed ever til I got the gift card.

This 1992 Wild Card is one of many, many Wild Cards that I need for both 1992 and 1993. There are so many variations and brands that run off from it that I don't think I will ever finish that part of his PC. I never see any of them listed except this one which has been in my watch list for some time now.

Speaking of cards I never see listed, I have been needing both parallels for Rodney in 1997 Pinnacle Inside. Finally, the Silver Lining did. I put this card in my Watch List back in the middle of summer and fortunately no one grabbed it. Now I just need to find the Gridiron Gold parallel.

With those three I also have a nice round number of 580 total Rodney Hampton cards out of his 825 roughly out there. I am closing the gap, but it is also a sad thing because it's getting tougher to find cards I actually need out there.

Set help here. I have always wanted the Kerry Collins from the 1995 Summit Rookie Summit insert set. Now I have it and it gets crossed off of my set needs for this set. I still have plenty of them to chase however as I only have 7,8,13,14,15,16 out of the 18 in the set. I don't know if it's the photography or the foil design, but these cards are appealing to me.

And a Hall of Fame running back for my 1995 Pinnacle Clear Shot set? Yes please. This brought my set needs down to two! Card was also in mint condition with no scratches like some do and no staining.

Well, that does it for my gift card. I think it was money well spent and well spread out. All I can hope now is that I get another one for my Birthday coming up in March.

In the meantime, if any of you have any of my set help under my Set Needs HERE, please contact me via email or Twitter. I will be adding to these lists as well soon. Thanks!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Cardpocalypse Hits My Mail Box

My mail box hasn't seen much shortage of mail days over the last few weeks and it has been great. I went so many months without anything that this streak I am on has me feeling good. But, all streaks come to an end and I think mine is heading that way.

Along this streak of mail days has been a few surprises. Expected mail days are fun and all, but surprise mail days, yeah, those are the best.

I did know I had something coming from @TMurphyCards but I had no idea what it was. He wanted to send me something to help start my New Year better than last years started. Well, it worked.

He threw in a pack of 1992 Skybox NFL Prime Time football which I have set aside in my rainy day packs. At some point I will be breaking these and revealing the contents on here. Stay tuned for that awesomeness.

Some Giants cards of course were found. I really like that LT Fleer All-pro design. One of the better early 90's designs out there.

It took me many years to realize that these Pro Set Power cards had parallels. This is the silver foil base card but the parallels take the pretty foil on the product name and turn it gold. Not quite the eye catch as the base. One of the very few times where the base looks better than the parallel.

Then came the whopper. Landon Collins Purple Prizm autograph! One of the top safeties in the league! I just wished he hadn't gotten hurt towards the end of the season. I wanted him to finish strong. Speaking of finishing, will he finish his career as a Giant? This offseason will tell as his rookie contract has ended.

Thanks Tyler for the great cheerful mail day!

The next surprise I had came just a few days later. Well, not sure if it was a surprise or a slip of memory @Cardpocalypse was sending me something, but either way, it was a nice find.

Tim sent along a filled bubbler full of goodies with most focusing on Big Blue.

I have been trying to think of another Topps Chrome rainbow I should attempt then this guy popped up. Could be an affordable one to chase. Hmmmm...

FLUFFY! I was able to add one of these off from my want list already, but I don't mind at all having another. This dude is funny! I own all of his DVD stand ups so far and some lines I have even memorized. Good stuff.

These are two great looking cards I didn't have and they come from Panini Father's Day packs. Snacks Harrison who the Giants sadly traded to the Lions halfway through the season and Landon Collins who they could lose as well. But I plead to them don't let Landon go!

OBJ! Flashback design to the iconic 1986 Topps that also had an iconic WR rookie card in the set....however, no comparison from me of Odell to Jerry. Jerry was in a different league.

Danny Kanell and Jason Sehorn Bowmans Best base I didn't have. I miss football card variety.

When I finish up my Rodney Hampton PC or get to the point where I can't add anymore, we will be inserting Kerry Collins to take his spot I believe. I have always had a soft spot for Kerry for some reason or another. I would accept cards from any of the teams he played on. Also still am searching for an autograph in a Giants uniform.

I don't have the figure and didn't have the card til now. Cross it off!

Michael almost saw his sack record get sacked by Aaron Donald. I am glad it didn't and even though Michael said he was cheering on Donald to do so, deep down, come on man. You don't want your record taken away.

I feel like many forget about Eli's records he owns both team and league along with his Super Bowl wins. This is why I still say he is a Hall Of Famer.

Old School Stadium Club is the best. Great photography, design and this Matt Bahr proves it.

One of the best TE's in Giants history. I never sadly got to watch him play on TV but have seen plenty of highlights and I am impressed.

I don't have much for old school Giants cards, so it's easy to have new additions from those eras. I need to get more vintage honestly.

Some Giants rookies that didn't quite pan out. I think Thomas is the best of the group here.

Judge! I need to put these with my others and see how far I am from this set.

This was my favorite photograph of the group. He has long reach. Of course he is a literal giant.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love shiny things so Tim hit the spot with a couple Prizm parallels. I tried my best to capture their magic but it didn't quite fall into place.This is Wayne Gallman who I hope is back again next year. I can't see why they wouldn't bring him back.

Davis Webb. So pretty!

I didn't have this Gallman relic and I like the look of it! The fabric fold on the jersey is pretty unique as well.

Amani Toomer rookie card. I never figured out how he had so many jersey numbers. Some cards show him wearing 18, others 89 and then he ends up wearing the iconic 81.

More shiny goodness. This time comes in Donruss form of Paul Perkins.

And to finish out Tim's mail day is this OBJ. I wished Topps would bring back Topps Prime and it's amazing photography and make a baseball line. That would be another version of Stadium Club which is a collectors favorite.

Thanks again to Tim for the mail day! I know we both will have another one soon for each other with our big awesome ongoing trade. Still looking for stuff for ya after I write this.