Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 Year In Cardboard Review

2018 was a great year in terms of my collecting. I was able to complete many long shot projects and cards I never thought I could add to my collection. It took great friendships, big time determination, and a lot of leg work to make it all happen. In the end, it was all worth it.

There were so many great moments I can't remember them all. I really can't and had to cheat just to put together what I considered was my top of the crop but there may have been bigger moments I missed. Here were some of the highlights if you don't remember. These are just SOME, remember.

NOTE: These are not in any particular order.

1. Completing the Ghostbusters Autograph Set.

This took some patience and a lot of trading this year to complete. I was impressed I went from wanting to add three autographs to the set to finishing it. A big thanks to Wes for chasing down my last need.

2.Completing The Psych Autograph Set
Another one I never expected to finish. I had to be very patient with this one as most of the cards in the set weren't cheap. It took trading, five years of waiting, and a big time chase by Wes at the end.

3. Finding the White Whale 
I looked for years for this card and dwelled on it all of 2018.When that surprising envelope arrived, I didn't know what to say. Just had my hands shaking and a bit of tears in the eyes. It's incredible what a piece of cardboard can do. Once again, Wes came through for me. He is amazing and a great friend.

4. Patrick Mahomes Autograph

Most of 2018 I spent trying to trade for two people, Saquon Barkley (any and all of his cards) and a Patrick Mahomes autograph. I didn't have much luck with either but at least I added some Barkley's. Mahomes on the other hand, well, nobody wanted to trade to me. I had actually given up on trying to get one before being surprised by Pack Geek. Thanks again Jeff!

5.Completion Of My Binder Re-sort Project
This was so, so, so, much work and I have an even bigger challenge this year once again fixing these binders after much discussion with myself. I mean, who else besides you guys do I talk to about the hobby? No collectors near me. My pops is it, but he doesn't care to hear about how I sort.

6. Ending a 22 Year Search

The card I lost 22 years ago finally came home again in an eBay purchase. I probably paid more than I had wanted, but the memories attached to it was worth it.

7. The Goldbergs Garbage Pail Kids

I love watching The Goldbergs on Wednesday Nights so when I found out they had made cards of the popular TV series for Garbage Pail (one of Adam Goldbergs favorite card sets he collected as a kid in real life and on the show) I wanted them and landed them. However, landing this autograph set or one autograph from the set would be impossible with the prices they are.

8. Pull Of The Year

Back in June, my only luck from a box break in 2018 struck when I pulled this Saquon Barkley autograph card /75. It stands still as my best Barkley card.

9. First Autographs Of These Guys


One of my unknown unannounced chases of 2018 was landing autographs of Giants players I have been needing for a long time. My wife gifted two to me without me knowing while the third in Shockey I traded for. There are still names like Ottis Anderson, Harry Carson, Kerry Collins (in Giants uniform and only one I have seen like that is the 2000 Fleer Autographics one), Tiki Barber, Pepper Johnson, Danny Kanell, Dave Brown, Joe Morris, Alyssa Milano (not a player but a big fan and she has a 2012 Panini Fans Of The Game auto), Chris Calloway, Ike Hilliard, Jason Sehorn, Phil McConkey, Jackie Mason (2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Fans Of The GAme), Kurt Warner, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Garrett, Thomas Lewis, Mark Ingram (not the Saints guy), Joe Montgomery, Sam Huff (the 1997 Upper Deck Legends is pretty sweet), John Elliot (1995 Proline Classic has one),Tommy Maddox (there is one in 1996 Pro Line Classics), Carl Banks, Mike Sherrard, Tyrone Wheatley (done and got it now), Jared Lorenzen, Lorenzo Carter, and Bill Parcells. I will have a list of these guys on the side of the blog for your viewing in case of trades and keep it updated as I go.

10. Best Box Break Pull 

I have been in a few breaks over the years but haven't landed anything but base, inserts and maybe a relic. This time it finally paid off thanks to Midwest Box Breaks. So glad to have them also aboard on the blog as it's official breaker. Good dude running the show there in Ben and he is very generous to the hobby as well. 

I only posted ten highlights, but believe me, there are many more. I must have made at least 100 trades in 2018 in all. Every one of them brought home a new piece and a new memory when I come across those cards. I also saw a lot of hobby generosity in 2018, which was greatly appreciated knowing the year that I had, and one of those that I haven't mentioned yet and will here in the ending was the one that made me cry. Actually cry. 



On my birthday, my buddy @Jake1725 organized a birthday present for me. Some of you pitched in to help me land the Roday autograph and my longest tenured friend on the web in Shane from Project Pedro Blog grabbed the birthday card and eBay gift card for me. It will some something I will never forget. I have the birthday card on my desk still.

So thanks to all of you that played a role in making my 2018 collecting year my best one yet. Your help and generosity means more to me than I can put in this article. The second best I can do is offer you a virtual group hug. Thanks again everyone and here is hoping for another great year of collecting!


  1. Who was the collector who traded that amazing Dan Akroid auto to really kick off your Ghostbusters set 😁 !! Looks like you had a pretty amazing year!! I hope 2019 is ALOT better for me!!! Happy New Year my friend

    1. Well year in cardboard was great, not in real life lol. I luckily had this to fall back on. Yes, you were the one that kicked off my set chase!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of very generous collecting friends out there! Congrats on adding so many nice cards to your collection in 2018. Saquon is the real deal and I'm excited to see what he can do in year 2. I loved GPKs as a kid, and now that they're doing entertainers I've started collecting some again. Fall Out Boy and Billy Corgan are two of my faves. Still need a Jennifer Lawrence though..

    1. I may need to chase down a Jennifer Lawrence. Didn't know she had one.

  3. Looks like you had a very solid 2018! Congratulations! Can't wait to see what's on the menu for 2019.

    1. Thanks Fuji! I hope this year is as good in cardboard but better, much better in real life