Monday, January 7, 2019

Cards From All Around

Today's post is a mixed bag of mail days that came in a variety of ways. Some I knew about, some I knew where they came from and one was just a mystery.

Let's check out all of the cards below.

Jason over at Hoarding Cardboard (love that blog name it's my second favorite to Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts) held a 12 Days Of Giving contest again this year and I held out for a prize that caught my PC eye most. Why would I enter otherwise? Better to leave those cards for others who could use them. Anyways, Day 12 there was a NY Giants relic of Paul Perkins I didn't have up for grabs donated by the TradingCardDB.Com member above so I entered and failed to win.

Surprisingly this arrived at my doorstep not much longer after as Trevor from Bump and Run Football Card Blog  graciously forwarded the prize onto me. Thanks again Trevor!I will have to update my numbers on here to see how many Perkins I have now.

The next mail day is my continuation from @Brent3323.

I realized that after I posted yesterday's post I forgot to add this beautiful Victor Cruz into the post. The card looks so great I didn't want to miss posting it in general.

Brent also sent me rookies of guys I was seeking this year in Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield. Baker had a great season and was QB a Browns team that has been desperate at that position, but I still hope Barkley wins OROY. Look at what he did behind the Giants oline.

So, so pretty.

My first relic of Lamar. Now need to land that autograph!

James Conner autograph plus it's Contenders, yeah, I like it. Always been a big fan of Contenders no matter the sport.

And finally, a wantlist item achieved!! O.J. Simpson rookie! Now I just need a Walter Payton somehow...

A big thanks to Brent for yet another great trade! I look forward to our next!

Next mail day I got a small eBay Gift Card for Christmas and used it to it's full potential. I don't go out and grab one card, which would have been the case had I wanted some Barkley, so instead I went out and used it the best I could.
Tyrone Wheatley has been on my Giants need radar for some time and I was able to snag this one for less than $5 so it was a big time win. Especially when others are listed for $20 on there. This is a 1999 Skybox Autographics card so it fits my 90's PC as well.

And the final card from today will end up on Unsolved Mysteries. I know who sold the card, just don't know who bought it for me.

Boom! Another Giants autograph off my NY Giants list! Ottis Anderson one of the Giants RB greats. Thanks to whomever bought me this card and for @Ericwyant1 for shipping it. Unless you are the one that just sent me the card and thanks to you for that. Like I said, I am left clueless with no evidence.

I know I said I was cutting back on mail day posts, but to be honest, til I can come up with other creative content, this week is full of them. There is some greatness to see however including how I spent the rest of my gift card.


  1. That was very generous of Trevor to donate that card to you, so kudos to him for that. Getting an O.J. rookie in a trade is pretty amazing, I only just recently got my first vintage card of his, which was cool, but it's certainly not comparable to getting his rookie card!

    1. I made sure to email him a thanks as well.

      I was surprised he wanted to move it, but he has specific cards he only collects and moves the rest