Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I Have A Clear Shot At This Set!

So I sat by my desktop staring at eBay trying to figure out how I would best use my remaining gift card hoping that some inspiration would hit. I checked out pretty much everything Looked at every deal, tried to find the best combo card price/shipping. I wasn't simply going to let this gift card go to complete waste.

At the same time, I was compiling my Hobby Resolutions for the blog and realized, "hey, don't I want to finally finish up some of those 90's sets I was building?" The answer was yes and I narrowed the list down to four insert sets I wanted to complete first.

1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots football
1995 Sportflix Man2Man
1996 Topps Turf Warriors
1996 Topps Broadway Review

Along with two parallel sets I wanted to do as well with 1995 Summit Ground Zero football and 1995 Score Red Siege football.

These are my goals for the year. This is what I am attacking. Will it take a miracle? Yes. Will it take lots of help from fellow collectors? Yes. So here's my early plea for my trade partners to keep an eye out for these six items when you go to shows, etc.

Today, however, I am showing off how far I have come in my 1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots chase. I found a deal where the cards were cheap and combined free shipping.

1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots fell 1:60 packs and is a 10 card set. My start to this set came when I was able to land one in a pack of 1995 Pinnacle last year and it brought me back to how beautiful these cards are. Acetate with a holographic foil off to the side. They don't make them like this anymore.
Kijana Carter is card number 9 in the set. He was one of two rookies featured in this set as there was high expectations for the running back. It's just too bad they weren't lived up to.

Steve Young is card number 3 in the set and is one of my favorite left handed QB's besides the top favorite Mark Brunell.

Drew Bledsoe is card #4 in the set. I knew so many Patriot fans. It was nice when they didn't play so well alongside the Giants. Now it's the least amount of fun. I blame this man. He created Tom Brady by getting hurt. Thanks Drew.

Steve McNair is card number 10 in the set and is the other big rookie in the set. I was disappointed when I got this card as the "clear" portion of the card appeared to had been owned by a smoker as it was all yellow. I had already left good feedback on the card, I don't leave negative very often unless it's really hazardous, but decided to contact the seller anyways. Being a great seller, they found a better conditioned copy and put it in the mail for me and told me to keep this rough one. So glad they were able to help because it would have nagged me to no end had I completed this with a damaged card.
With these four additions and one more on the way, I am currently only needing card numbers 2 (Dan Marino) and 8 (Troy Aikman) from completing the set.

I think I am starting my Hobby Resolution off with a bang! Tomorrow I will feature the other set I made great progress on.


  1. Love these! (And all other acetate cards) I hope you have luck finishing those sets up this year.

    1. THanks Dennis. I hope so as well. It will be quite the challenge but I figured you would enjoy this since it involves our love of the 90s!

  2. Big fan of this set. Best of luck grabbing the Marino and Aikman. Looks like you can grab the pair on COMC for under $5... probably less.