Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My First Ruth Auto

No sorry, it's not Babe. We both are dreaming if that was the case.

Even though it's not Babe, it's still a Ruth auto and still apart of Babe's bloodline.

I recently won a contest from Babe's Long Ball Licorice who were giving autographs of Babe Ruth's granddaughter Linda Ruth Tosetti signed on Babe's cards. I thought I would throw my hat in for a unique piece for my Yankees collection along with my best shot of ever owning a piece of Babe's history.

Just a few days ago, this arrived,

The blue ink looks great on this card. It's also dated and very readable. Athletes take note!

Back of the card. It's from the Babe Ruth Collection set.

If your curious about what Babe's granddaughter does, she currently does lectures at many universities about her grandfather and has been a guest speaker at the Hall Of Fame, Babe Ruth Museum and Ted Williams Museum among many other places. I bet she is fun to listen to.

Thanks goes out to Babe's Longball Licorice for this great piece for my collection. Also, if you haven't yet, check out their licorice and soon to come a new Apple flavor by visiting them on their site, HERE.