Wednesday, January 2, 2019

REVIEW:2018-2019 Topps Chrome Premier League Soccer

When it comes to Topps Chrome anything, does it truly matter what the sport is? Not to me. I love chrome. I would eat chrome for breakfast served with chrome with chrome to drink on the side with a side of chrome. You could sing the "I'm Blue" song by Eiffel 65 and replace the word blue with chrome for me.

"I have a Chrome house with a Chrome window, Chrome is the color of all that I wear...."

So let's check to see how my recent break of the newly released 2018-2019 Topps Chrome Premier League went.

Every box of 2018-2019 Topps Chrome Premier League Chrome has 18 packs of 4 cards each. You will also find one autograph card with boxes running at $65.

The base set is 100 cards and features the wave design used for flagship baseball. Most of the big names can be found. Some shots can be action filled like the one above,

while others just focus on the player.

There are also base card varitions fall 1:218 packs. I didn't find one in my box break. There are five to find overall.

As far as parallels go, this is what makes Topps Chrome top(p)s! Base refractors fall 1:3 packs

Blue Wave refractors are numbered to 75 and fall 1:44 packs

Blue refractors are numbered to 150 and fall 1:22 packs.

Purple refractors are numbered to 250 and fall 1:14 packs

Green are numbered to 99 and fall 1:33 packs. 

Next up are the inserts. They have the following parallels, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /10, and SuperFractor 1/1

Inserts look great, I just miss the old days when we had a base version than the refractors ones. All have a refractor look to them. New Signings fall 1;6 packs.

SuperStar Sensations falls 1:5 packs.

There is also a Premier League Debuts insert that falls two per case.

Now onto the hit,

Callum Wilson green autograph numbered to 99. These fall 1:129 packs.

Other hits not found in my box include,
  • New Signings Autographs
  • Premier League Debuts Autographs
  • Superstar Sensations Autographs
OVERALL:I love Chrome so for me, I felt value was here to be found. But, money wise when I looked up what I hit, well, maybe not so much. There is still plenty to find in Chrome as there always is. If you like Premier League soccer, this is probably a great product to start out with. It's affordable as well.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to Giveaways!!!  Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.


  1. I'm a big fan of Chrome too. Love refractors... and soccer (MLS). Unfortunately I don't follow the Premier League, so I probably wouldn't buy this product unless is was dirt cheap.

    1. I am not much of a soccer fan, not really one at all, but I do enjoy chrome so that works for me I guess