Friday, January 11, 2019

Runnin' With Rodney Again

Even though I spent about half of my eBay gift card on those set needs, I still took the other half and built in some Hampton space. The combined free shipping really helped with my Pinnacle Clear Shots buy, so I decided adding in some Hampton would too.

So I scoured their store and my checklist and found some perfect matches to help fill some needs.

1997 Score Hobby Reserve or just a plain foil parallel lol

1997 Score Giants Team Card. I never heard or seen these. This I like! Just missing the Score Reserve Collection and Score 1997 will be wrapped up as well!

1996 Playoff Trophy Contenders Mini Back To Back of Tyrone Wheatley and Rodney Hampton. Only one of these backs ever made an impact on the Giants. This finishes up my Trophy Contenders needs. That was one great looking base set and is on my list of needs.

1996 Pacific Blue parallel. Still missing the red and silver.

1996 Upper Deck Silver Helmet Cards of Rodney Hampton and Tyrone Wheatley. Card has that Fx feel to it. Looks pretty cool. Just missing the 1996 Upper Deck mini to have this product for Hampton wrapped up.

1997 Pinnacle Xpress Autumn Warriors parallel. Just adds some foil shine to the base. I think this was a great looking product, just didn't last more than a year I don't believe. This completes my Xpress needs.

1996 Crown Royale blue parallel. I am still missing the silver version and an insert named NFL Regime from this product.

This is only part one of three when it comes to my Hampton additions. The next one includes some pretty rare oddball cards not on any checklist. Check those out tomorrow.


  1. Those Pacific and Crown Royale blue parallels look fantastic... especially since it's his team's color.

    1. Those products always looked great especially the inserts and parallels. Tomorrow post will get your attention too :)

  2. Nice cards and im not just saying that because its Hampton (smile) !