Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Broadway Reviews Are In

Yesterday I posted my progress on one of my 90's set chases and today comes another.

1996 Topps Broadway's Review features Broadway Joe breaking down today's QB's. Well, today's QB's back in the 90's which had some of the greatest of all time. This once again was a ten card set fell 1:12 packs in Topps packs. The 1996 Topps product had some of the best looking insert sets of the 90's. Two of which I am chasing.

The cards feature both QB's on the front with a Broadway Light show and reflective shine in the light which makes for a great looking card.

Brett Favre is card number 4 in the set. No surprise there is there? Brett Favre threw the ball harder than any QB I have ever seen. That led to some tight pocket throws and I imagine some unhappy WR hands. I remember seeing a special once where it showed one of his wide outs break a finger because of his speed.

However, John Elway isn't number 7, he is number 9 in the set. Great QB whose greatest moment in my mind is the endzone dive in the Super Bowl against the Packers.

Troy Aikman is card 6 in the set. Super Bowl winning QB (gag)

And finally, Drew Bledsoe. He was always efficient, just played on some poor teams besides the one Patriots team he led to the Super Bowl and lost.

With these four new additions, I currently sit three away from the set. I am missing 1(Kerry Collins), 7 (Steve Young) and 10(Dan Marino) from completion. Got them? Let me know!

I still have lots of needs with these sets that I could use some help with as well,
1995 Pinnacle Ground Zero parallels
1995 Score Red Siege Parallels
1995 Sportflix Man2Man
1996 Topps Turf Warriors

All of those needs can be found HERE.

Thanks for help in advance!


  1. Another great insert set from the 90's. Pretty sure I have that Favre sitting in a binder. If not, I need to go out and grab one.

  2. It's also nice that they use a different shot of Namath for each card...good luck!