Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Plummer And His Blue Crew

My good buddy @StephenJFurlong and I pulled off a massive trade back in 2018 helping both of us add to our PC's. I assumed at some point my fellow Giants fan would get the itch to trade again and that's what we did.

This time my end of the deal was very NY Giants heavy with a couple exceptions. He used to go to training camp and get a lot of In-Person autographs, usually I only take company authenticated ones, but coming from him I knew I was good with these. Most were signed in-person but there are some that weren't and came from companies.

Let's check out the goods shall we?

Antrel Rolle who played a major roll(e) in the secondary when he was signed from the Cardinals.

Charles "show me the" Way. Dude was a beast fullback in the 90's.

Justin Tuck! I miss his domination on the Giants dline. It's too bad he couldn't have finished as a Giant and had to end his career in torturous Oakland.

Antonio Pierce was probably the last best Giants Linebacker they have had in some time. He played big time rolls in their Super Bowl runs and was a great leader of the defense. I keep hoping that the Gmen will find their next Pierce.

David Carr made a name for himself by being the first draft pick by the Houston Texans but failed to live up to potential. He did however serve as a solid backup to Eli Manning and finished his career with a ring because of it.

Jernigan is one of my biggest Giants PC's and this just adds another to it.

The once DE turned LB played better for the Giants than he signed this card. Still a nice looking card and a solid player for the Giants at both positions. This is my first autograph of him.

Terrell Thomas was on okay corner for the Giants. They don't seem to have the best of luck with drafting those but he had his moments in helping the Giants make their playoff runs.

Another Giant that should have finished his career in Giants blue, he finished in Colts blue, Bradshaw has many moments with the Giants but the most iconic moment is in the Super Bowl when he should have down the ball at the goal line but momentum shifted him in the endzone for the TD. That left time on the clock for Tom Brady who almost pulled off the epic comeback on the Hail Mary.

Will Allen was a solid defensive back for the Giants but I can't recall too many moments with him right now.

Osi was apart of the Giants scary defensive line with Tuck, Strahan, and Kiwanuka. I miss those days, I truly do. Defense wins games as I saw four times at least this season when the Giants lost because of their defense. That's how I play Madden as well.

Joe Montgomery had a short career with the Giants, but was a guy I needed an autograph of for my Giants product. Now I can cross him off.

Eli! I still think this guy has one more season left and I am hoping to see it. If not, hope he retires as a Giant. Don't go elsewhere Eli. Please!

This serves as my first relic of Ottis but also has been signed IP.

A new Brandon Jacobs relic for my PC. Love the red jersey swatch.

(note:missing my picture of a Bowmans Best Autograph of Danny Kanell)

The next two Giants autographs I took an outside the box look at them. Not players but unique pieces to their Super Bowl wins. These are signed on large magnets.

Kevin Gilbride was the offensive coordinator

Jerry Reece was the Giants GM. He was recently fired for his role in the Giants recently downhill tumbles.

The next two cards have nothing to do with the Giants and have more to do with my 90's PC.

Paul Konerko rookie autograph. I do have one other autograph of him but nowhere near as nice as this one.

Jake Plummer who I loved to watch in the 90's. I enjoyed his time more with the Cardinals than the Broncos after he switched teams later on in his career.

A big thanks to @StephenJFurlong for another great trade and some great cards once again. Can't wait til our next one!

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