Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Proof Is In The Hampton

When I have the opportunity, like I did with the eBay gift card I got for Christmas, I try to go out and find new unique pieces for my Rodney Hampton collection that will make mine the best one out there. Yes, the best out there. Isn't that always our goal?

There were many times I look and stare at his Starting Lineups and autograph photos, but, I still have yet to pull the trigger. But, someday maybe through trades or something I will finally add pieces like that to make my collection well rounded. I once found an autograph game worn cleat on eBay I really wanted but couldn't afford. It's still on there. There are also pocket schedules and a pocket sized game chart from 1990 I have looked at as well that feature this all star running back but let them sit there for now.

Anyways, there is this guy on eBay who sells a lot of cool items from the 90's such as rare refractors, 90's inserts, uncut cards, and proofs. Stuff you don't always see everywhere. I stumbled upon him with a single Rodney Hampton search once and have bought from him a few time with my gift cards over the years. He is a pretty solid guy who helped me out on this latest deal by adding in a card to help cover the extra shipping I had to pay because the drop down menu type selections wouldn't allow combined shipping. I was glad he helped with that because paying $6 in shipping is way too much.

Let's check out to see what I grabbed,

1995 Topps no foil. There's no foil on this card! This was one of my favorite 1,000 yard club designs back in the 90's. Especially the backs of these. This card doesn't have the foil where Topps would be in the top corner and Rodney's name.

This card is a tad bigger than the actual one in packs, it's an uncut oversized white border proof. It is much cooler in-person.

Here is a 1995 Topps Mystery Finest uncut panel. This is the bonus he tossed in. Pretty cool addition. The Erict Rhett even features him in the old Buc's uniform you have got to enjoy. 

Now onto my favorite pickup of the group that was only $1!

Remember those overhead projectors we used in school, none of that iPad technology today, where there was a large sized machine that used transparent paper to transfer that the info on the paper and project it with mirrors and light onto the chalkboard or bed sheet or whatever was used at the time. Pretty much the same as a 35mm slide projector. Yeah, I am old.



This Hampton is like one of those transparent sheets they used. This is from the 1996 Topps Chrome 40th Retro set. As you can see, it's clear right through. So much so you can see the snow out my window. The piece is also a big larger than a normal sized card. This Hampton card may be one of my favorite pieces I own. You can see some marks on the card, nothing major, but it's because these proofs from these companies were never meant to hit the secondary market. They were as they are called, just proofs of the cards. I am curious however how this seller accumulated all of these over the years.

There you have it. More new Hampton additions to my PC. I do have three more cards I am waiting on to come in that I will be hopefully posting soon. I used up the rest of my gift card once again using a sellers free shipping deal and 20% two or more items. Got a steal.

Til next time!


  1. I've been running into a lot of SLU's over the last couple of months, they don't do anything for me anymore, but I know other folks are still interested in them, so I always end up looking through them to see what's what -- and I keep forgetting to ask you, which Hampton's are you in need of (I haven't seen any yet btw)?

    1. I need them all. I think there is 91,92 and 94 for him.

  2. After seeing a blogger or two recently start posting their SLU's... I've sorta caught the bug. Can't wait to start coming across some $1 figures at the flea market in 2019. Funny that you mentioned transparencies and projectors. I just stumbled across an old 5th grade math binder that I used when I first started teaching with a bunch of them. Probably haven't used that binder or a projector in 15 years.

    1. I don't want too many SLU's as my wife wouldn't want me to bring in that stuff again after I already traded away all of my Griffey ones, but I do want the three Rodney Hampton ones to round out my PC more.

  3. Very cool. 1990s inserts are pretty cool. Sounds like they are making a comeback....or were they ever dead?

    1. I don't think they ever left. Well, at least to me. But, I think you are right. There seems to be a lot of momentum in the 90's cards again and that's where I am heading as well.