Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Wes Wing Episode 4

Here at The Wes Wing not everything comes opened. Some things come sealed, those things could contain many surprises within. You just never know what to expect at The Wes Wing....

Inside of The Wes Wing was multiple boxes packed with packs. I haven't fully decided what to do with them yet. It's either keep them sealed, open them, or keep the ones sealed I have one of and open others that there are multiples of. It all could become a new TV Series.

Here are some of the highlights or packs I found interesting and hadn't seen before,

(inner child squealed at this one)

(always wanted packs of these!)

There were many many others as well including some The Simpsons which I don't even own a single pack of. That was one of my favorite shows to watch in the 90's. Just never found any of the cards locally. I will probably keep that pack sealed.

NICE!! Hefty Lefty auto! My first one. I can cross him off of my NY Giants autograph list needs.

Sweet Anthony Mix refractor.

New Griffey Jr for the PC


Bombs away! What an incredible die cut insert. Remember when inserts were fun?!?!

Some guy names Mahomes..

And another beautiful Griffey Jr to end

We are closing in on the finale of The Wes Wing with just two more episodes left! What will turn out next, well stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Wes Wing Episode 3

Welcome back once again to The Wes Wing.

In The Wes Wing, all cards of all shapes, sizes and values are all appreciated the same way.

Let's take a look at some more cards shall we?

Emmitt Smith insert. Even as a die hard Giants fan, gotta admit that he was one of the greats.

I don't know a lot of older names for any sport, besides the big ones, but I appreciate any vintage I can add to my collection whenever I can. I don't have much of it and I enjoy being able to look at it up close. The Wes Wing had plenty to showcase,

I know maybe one of the names above besides the team card, but that's okay with me! Cards look great! I am sure you vintage or big time fans know all of these names.

I was a fan of Jake's because of his late 90's origin. He was fun to watch as well.

Upper Deck's USA football is an underrated product. I wished I had bought more so I could have landed an autograph of possible future NY Giant Dwayne Haskins.

Moore didn't get too far in his career with the Gmen as he couldn't stay out of trouble, however he is playing in that new league so it will be interesting to see how he does.

Brendan Fraser was one of the biggest 90's stars out there. I was a fan of some of his movies especially Bedazzled. Him and Elizabeth Hurley make a hilarious pair.

Tyrod Taylor is a better QB than he gets credit for. He led Buffalo to some great wins. I say you put a better team around him and see better results.

My first Brian Wilson relic from Beach Boys product. My father found Wilson's autograph at a yard sale for $2 and instead of trading it to me he flipped it for over $100. Autographs from this product are not easy to find.

My first well...girly autograph. You never forget your first.

Scotty Moore autograph from the Elvis product. Anytime I can add any non sport autograph I will.

My first American Horror Story auto. I need to give this series a watch still.

Wayne Gallman numbered card to end The Wes Wing gallery for today.

More surprises around the corner to come!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Wes Wing Episode 2

When it comes to going into the Wes Wing, there is no rhyme or reason or order of how you post the cards. There just isn't time or space to sort out what needs to be done. The room is always one step ahead of you.

So when enjoying the card gallery show offs, just remember why there isn't any reason for the groupings like there usually is on here.

Otahni insert rookie

Tim Tebow Topps Prime rookies parallel. Even though I wasn't ever a Broncos fan, I remained a fan of his for some reason or another. I just never pulled the guy. However, he is on my list of autographs I want.

Love me some vintage football!

Another Ohtani. Wasn't a fan of his and still think he shouldn't have been ROY. That may be my biggest reasoning for not being a fan.

Reeled in a Trout!

Some pretty ladies. I wasn't really much of a Biel guy but a lot of guys are.

Jesse Langseth auto from American Idol. On my list of someday autographs is the Carrie Underwood version.

Food Network host Justin Willman auto. I love the Food Network and all of the cake, cupcake wars and many other programmings. It's amazing what some people can create!

The relic swatches in Country can be pretty cool, just like this one. However the photo cracks me up as it looks like he is trying out a new shampoo.

New Generation rookie

I will always add in a nice Zenith Zteam no matter the year. Though I do prefer the older ones. This one is numbered so I assume it was a parallel.

The almost come back player of year Andrew Luck rookie card. Well gold parallel one. I miss the days where the colored parallels in Topps flagship were much more defined.

Love my prospects. Another here this time gold refractor version of Dixon Machado.

This product was manufactured patchalicous!

Tennis swatch. Wes pulled tons of great ones in that boxes he opened. If you have any of the unique swatched ones up for trade let me know!

Pujols numbered gold

Beautiful Trout blue sky parallel card numbered to 75

Matt Stover autograph. I didn't know he was a believer til I got this card. I will treasure it forever now. Matt was also a former Giant I had forgotten about.

And finally we end it with some guy named Joe Theismann. Wait...what? Joe Theismann auto?! This is pretty awesome. Not sure if this was TTM or in person but great addition for me.
Many more episodes to come of the Wes Wing!