Sunday, February 3, 2019

Can't Stad Ya, But Respect Ya

For weeks I watched @jnarbles have a Tom Brady rookie up for sale. Good deal to and not one person bit on it which was surprising to me. For those weeks I tried to pry it away in a trade. Well, finally I was able to do a trade for the card I wanted. Yes, I actually wanted a Tom Brady card.

Many of you know my absolute hatred of everything New England Patriots and Tom Brady, but just because I can't stand Mr. Brady, doesn't mean I don't respect him. Throw aside all of the scandals involving the team, as a player, Tom is as good as it gets. Pure talent and a winner. Well, when they aren't video taping other teams practices or deflating footballs. Sorry, had to throw that in there. Hard to admit he is a legend of the game and I want to throw up in my mouth for saying so. But, looking at the players he has around them, he turned average dudes into studs.

Once again today he finds himself in the big game, ugh, so sick of seeing them there. Okay, time to refocus on my trade. So I had to get another rookie card of the legend just because I wanted another. What can I say, I love rookie cards especially when they are of superstars.

So this arrived on Friday. At the time I bet nobody thought neither of these guys would turn out, well they were right about one at least. This is just one of the reasons why I don't ever trade off my rookie cards.

So Tom wasn't the only card in this mailing as we went even deeper with our trade and those I will show off over the next two days.

As for today, I have a feeling the Patriots will win, trying to hold back my throw up hold on a second, the Super Bowl. They have that underdog mentality throughout the playoffs and will for this game as the Rams are picked to win. I think the Pats should be favorites to win against a very young inexperienced in big game Rams who shouldn't even be there in the first place. Yes Saints fan I put this in there. I am hoping the Rams do win and I hope they come out with the mindset of we shouldn't be here so let's prove everyone wrong. Guess we will see.

At least this year I have a team to root for unlike last years game I didn't watch a second of. So everyone have fun watching and make good decisions after the game is over. And thanks @jnarbles for this part of the trade. 

Who do you have in the Big Game?


  1. Glad you were able to get your hands on a Brady rookie card. I looked up his Bowman today and they're selling for over $200. I was blown away. I found a couple sitting in my rookie card box, along with two of his Fleer Tradition rookie cards. Planning on writing a post about them eventually.