Monday, February 4, 2019

Moon Shots

Yesterday I shared the first part of my mail day from @jnarbles, today I am sharing another small part of it. The big part will be tomorrow.

Today once again I took my focus mainly on rookies.

Tyler Boyd I didn't have a rookie of and this card is pretty stunning. He showed some potential last year.

Jamaal Williams silver prizm parallel.

Lamar Jackson rookie. I started chasing this guy at the end of the football season. Still searching for an autograph.

I only had one other Christian McCaffrey rookie, now I have two. This one looks great.

Added these Clint Frazier purple and aqua name variations. As with any refractors, these look better in person.

These were the only two Judges from @jnarbles that I didn't have. Well, now I have them. I really like the Raking Rookies.

And my final card from this part was this MoonShots hit with a swatch of base. Not only a great looking card but I love unique swatches. And being a Yankees card is just a bonus.

Another part knocked down in my @jnarbles mail day, one more to go and it's a big one. Stay tuned for tomorrow for the finale!


  1. It took me awhile, but I finally added a McCaffrey rookie to my collection recently. Now I wanna add his autograph to my Stanford PC.

    P.S. Cool Giambi game used base relic.

    1. His autographs may not be cheap soon. He has been pretty impressive on his first two years