Thursday, February 7, 2019

Passing These Along

About a year ago, my mother-in-laws best friend's husband Tom passed away from Lou Gehrigs disease. I had only met him once and his wife a few times. They seemed to be very nice people and someone my mother-in-law had known forever and treated like an extended family.

Recently when she went to visit her friends, she brought back a bag for me from Tom's wife that had a bunch of NY Giants items in it. I guess she had been going through his stuff again and trying to take care of more of it and she knew how big of a fan I was so she passed them along to me. I guess she also tried to pass along some Red Sox stuff but my mother-in-law advised that wouldn't be a good idea.

I went through that bag and there was some pretty cool items within.

Super Bowl 42 Champions DVD. This one I had but I am intrigued by the DVD's on the left. It appears he taped in the entire game and put it on DVD. That will be a fun watch.

Now this will also be a great watch. Top 10 greatest Giants games. Can't wait to spend countless hours watching games I have and haven't seen.

Going to give this a read on the story of their super run.

This book covered all of the season and how they got where they were.

I assume he got this at a game. Pretty cool looking back on some of the players I may be missing cards of.

A few older Sports Illustrated from 1987. I was four when these came out so no way I have seen these.

I am glad to add these to my collection. A thanks to Tom's wife for thinking of me and for Tom in heaven looking over my enjoyment of these.

Have any of you had anything passed along to you before? And what?


  1. I might have had a few things passed my way over the years from friends of family, but nothing recently. As I've been rereading my "thank you" posts in preparation for my "Wes" post, I've come across a few times when random readers of the blog have offered to donate their collections.

    By the way, I remember that Everson Walls issue. I had a subscription to SI back in high school and college.

    1. I did SI for a few years in the 2000s but gave up on it. The issues I held onto were the swimsuit ones haha