Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rare Chases

In my latest eBay searches for Rodney Hampton cards to add to my watch list, I recently discovered two that I desperately needed. Two that I had never seen listed before. Two amazing looking cards from one amazing product, 1996 Playoff Illusions.

Luckily I was able to get both, but it took some work to do so.

The Spectralusion parallel for XXXI insert in Illusions fell 1:92 packs and luckily my awesome wife grabbed it as an early Birthday present.

On the back it tells you what parallel it is.

Even tougher to find was the base version that fell 1:192 packs. Wow. This is nothing like today's cards where you pull something 1:192 packs and you find out it's worth $2. These are much, much more rare and prices aren't cheap. Luckily for me my Twitter buddy of a couple years @robrod, even though a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan, helped me acquire and trade the card to me. Pretty solid dude. Thanks man!

I am so glad no other Hampton (I know there must have been another looking at some recent rare card listing of Hampton on COMC) or Georgia collectors stumbled upon these. If they were bought before I got my hands onto them, I may have never seen them again. Like a lot of the printing plates of Hampton I have seen come and go on eBay.

I will be doing a post in the next few weeks with all of my Playoff Illusions Hamptons together as a family and it will show the differences between them. It was a great one year and done product with it's thicker chromed cards and colorful backgrounds. Would be fun to break a box.


  1. Congratulations on add these two parallels to your collection. 1:192? That's an insanely tough parallel. Can only imagine what the big names like Favre, Sanders, Smith, and Elway sell for.

  2. I've never seen these cards before, heck, I've never even heard of this set before! Very cool cards though, of course cards from that era rarely aren't.