Monday, February 11, 2019

Was This Trade Written In The Stars?

Well, here comes the big finale. At least I looked at it that way. @TheBigCat63 had a good amount of non sport relics and autographs up my alley so I took most of them in. We both had a chuckle about that. But, in the past year a lot of my collecting focus has been on adding to my really growing non sport PC. I am trying to mainly stay with relics and autographs but don't mind a numbered insert or two occasionally.

Funny thing is was that we both collect non sport stuff. So I sent a few things his way as well that I preferred to have these instead of.

Let's take a gander all in on my finale mail day from @TheBigCat63.

I posted the rest of the relics early on but saved this one for this post. The relic was just too cool not to save for last.

Alexis Knapp played in the Pitch Perfect movies which I dug by the way.

Gary Owen played in a few movie I rather enjoyed such as Little Man and Daddy Day Care.

I may have to Google who he is....

I know I am not a Country Music fan, but when I saw that Panini did the autograph silhouettes in the Country Music product, I was going to add what I could of them. This is Kelsey Harmon. The relic used is a bit sparkly. Maybe a dress shirt or dress.

Jennifer Nettles x2. One was a beautiful Autograph Silhouette with multi color swatch and the other was the base autograph.

I can finally knock Shannon Elizabeth from my autograph want list. The stunning star has been in many movies such as American Pie, Scary Movie and many horror films. This card is also a blue parallel which makes the card even more stunning.

And finally, one of the cards I really really wanted from this trade was the LeAnn Rimes autograph. First of all, really cool signature of a someone. She was earned stardom early at age 13. She was also from the 90's which everyone knows is my jam. She also sang with one of my favorite legendary singers Sir Elton John with the hit Written In The Stars in 1999. A song I liked.

Well, that does it for my trade with @TheBigCat63. I just want to close this out with another thank you to him and I hope we can do this again real soon. And if any of you are looking for someone who is nice and easy going with a trade, go find him.


  1. So many lovely ladies in this post. That Shannon Elizabeth parallel is awesome. I was a big fan of her talent growing up.

  2. Tough call between the sweetest card in this group. Shannon or LeAnn. Shannon or LeAnn. Let's just call it a draw.