Monday, March 25, 2019

Parts Of My Past Update!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to give a quick update today on some other things I have been working on with this blog. Off to the right side of the blog, I know many of you don't look over there too often, I have been working really hard on updating some areas underneath the Set Needs By Year and Collection Notes.

Under Set Needs By Year, I have been adding new sets on a weekly basis to those. I will give you the list in this post as well. If you have any kind of set help for me, please drop me a line at and maybe we can work out a PWE trade unless you are just looking to get rid of them and that works as well. Most of what I am looking for would be considered junk to many, but not me.

Here are those lists,
I have also been adding all of my Ken Griffey Jr cards to a spreadsheet so I will know what my needs are when people approach me with Griffeys. Up to this point, I have up to 1997 done so far, it's such a long grueling process and not one I choose as a top free time, and will be starting 1998 soon. I have so far found a good stack of dupes that I have been sticking into a trade pile.

If you would like to check that project out so far, you can find it here and just simply click on the Griffey card,
Ken Griffey Jr PC

My Rodney Hampton tab at the top of the blog is always updated and raring to go. I recently discovered that COMC has many needs for me on there! I don't have a COMC account nor the funds to buy them if I did, so if you want to pick them up and work out a trade let me know as well!

As for the blog itself, I may add some new 90's segments in this week or over the next few weeks along with possibly a mail day recap post of newer stuff I may have gotten from the week if I did get any, it's been a slow go on mail. \Just trying to mix in some new stuff on here.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new format. I have heard good feedback so far, at least to my face, and there is much more to come including a story of the naked man. Yes, it is exactly what I stated it is.

Stay tuned for more!

Have a great week,


  1. Seems this blog is about to get PG-13 rated! Look out!

    1. And cover the eyes! Well, not sure it will get to Rated R

  2. I like the idea of adding links to my set needs on my blog side bar. Might need to borrow this idea.