Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:Let's Get Dangerous Part 2

Daring duck of mystery,
Champion of right,
Swoops down from the shadows!
Darkwing owns the night!
Somewhere some villain schemes

Which villain is scheming this time....well it takes place in a Greenhouse where a scientist/botanist named Dr. Reginald Bushroot was about to prove his colleagues wrong about wanting to no longer fund his experiments. However, the experiment goes wrong and turns him into a half plant/half duck that can control plants, trees and any living green on the planet.

Now you have a brilliant scientist who is immortal that has to face the terror that flaps in the night! This should be a battle for the ages.

Well, not really. Bushroot may have been a recurring Super Villain, but he was different than the others. He was lonely and all he wanted was companionship. He couldn't help that it caused him to do some wrong things to get that and have his experiments go wrong in the process of trying to do so. Bushroot also was very sympathetic which served as a weakness.

This was another one of the VHS tapes I picked up when my video store went under. This one features the half plant/duck as apart of the Fearsome Five who are the Top 5 villains in St.Canard and they must face the Justice Ducks led by Darkwing. It appears evil may win....I won't spill the beans on how it ends or if it does. You will have to watch it.

At one point in my life I had the Bushroot figure with my set of figures such as Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Megavolt (we saw this one in part 1), and Steelbeek but as I said, my parents sold them all off. There were only eight figures in all and I had a little more than half of them.

Thanks to my buddy @Jake1725, I was able to replace Bushroot. It also came as a complete figure with parts and the tail which had a tendency to break off. Whoever owned it before me definitely took care of it.

On the back, there is a button you can slide up and down to make his hair grow and ungrow.
You can see Bushroots movements in this video. Fast forward to 4:46 to find it.

Bushroot was my third favorite villain on the show and a toy I used a lot for my villain vs the duck. My favorite villain was Negaduck followed closely by the Liquidator, but they never made a toys of them so my most used one became Bushroot.

A thanks to Jake for the walk down memory lane again and to Darkwing for saving the day one more time.


  1. I've never seen this cartoon, but based on the year this video was released it makes sense. I was in college too busy watching Beverly Hills 90210 ;)

  2. Yeah, I loved Ducktales as a kid, but that didn't transfer over to the Darkwing Duck offshoot.. like Fuji, I was probably outgrowing it by then.

    1. Yeah and I was at the right age I guess for it. But, I was a huge Ducktales fan as well. They will make an appearance on here to.