Monday, April 15, 2019

Pieces Of My Future #6: Cruuuzin' For Free

I am a terrible person.

Well, I hope my buddy @tmcbmatt over at Bubba's Sports Cards doesn't think that and can forgive me for losing his mail day among my other blog drafts on here.

But, here it is and a thank you is to come.

@tmcbmatt and myself have traded and he was the one who graciously mailed me huge box of Rodney Hampton's for free I previously posted about on here. He is a great overall dude to follow, loves to trade and to surprise other collectors.

When we had done our last trade, I saw a Victor Cruz autograph in the mix for a possible card for a future trade. After seeing him pull off a trade with a fellow Giants fan, I wanted to make sure that Cruz was still waiting there for me.

The conversation was a simple one.

"I hope you set aside that Cruz auto for me down the road for a trade :)"
He immediately responds, "If you want's yours!" "Send me your address."

*Falls off from chair from shock.*

This dude is uncanny.

Within a few days, this beauty arrived. Even showcases Cruz's touchdown against the Patriots in
Super Bowl 46. Anytime you can combine a Super Bowl card, Patriots players losing and a favorite player from the Giants, that's a winning card.
I also failed to mention in all of that hype, it's numbered 5/5.

This marks my fourth Victor Cruz autograph in my collection. So far this is my best one but someday I really want to get that 2010 Donruss rookie autograph of him. That's been one of my top cards I have wanted of him.

Huge thanks goes out to Bubba's Sports Cards. I know I owe you a thanks for this even though you don't ever expect anything in return. I am keeping my eyes out for you and payback will come at some point. Thanks man!


  1. I can't say that I'm a fan of his, but that is a fantastic looking card! And it was pretty awesome of that guy to just send it to you like that... you seem to have a lot of very generous friends :)

  2. Sweet card. It definitely deserves a Victor Cruz salsa dance.