Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pieces Of My Future #8:Never Too Many Cards

Here is the next part of my mail day from  Too Many Verlanders blog. First we dived into non card items, today we dig into the cards. However, these are the non hit cards but still pretty slick.

I mean look at this Bernie. Wow. I hadn't ever seen one of these. What ever happened to great looking inserts like this?! Today we extra base cards acting as inserts.

Loved me some Donruss Preferred and not that stuff Panini tried to put out.

Sportflix movement.

Ken Griffey jr! I will have to repay Dennis back with some dupes I have as we both collect THE MAN.

More Junior love

Very cool Power Brokers card. The 90's just did it right

I am telling you, Collectors Choice was da bomb.

And this card is simply amazing. I didn't have the base card version of it and only the large one. Can you find me a better looking baseball base card?

More Gmen. Most I don't have.

These are beautiful!!!!! Hadn't seen them before but so glad I have em now.

Gold parallels. Love the photo on the Osi. Those were good times when the Giants had their pass rush.

Great looking die cut card. come on Eli, lets see one more of those trophies before you step away.

Even though the player wasn't great, I am looking at the cards themselves and how sharp the parallels look. Really wished Chrome was still in football as it was always my go-to.

Some more shiny mixed in.

And we finish it up with Eli. That Epix is Epic and the future star card I have never seen before.

And that does it for Part 2 of my mail day from Dennis with one more part to go. I will be showing off the pretty sweet hits he sent my way.


  1. the 90s were colorful! I've never seen that Fleer insert! Seems like I picked up a handful of Power Brokers on my last nickel binge.

  2. That Zenith Griffey is fantastic! The diecut Williams insert is pretty cool too.

  3. "What ever happened to great looking inserts like this?"... Exclusive deals, that's what happened!