Monday, May 20, 2019

Blast From The Past:1995 Flair Baseball Series 1 Pack Break

In 1999, a flick with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone called Blast From The Past came out. It was about a scientist named Calvin Webber who was played by Christopher Walken, that took his pregnant wife in a deep underground fallout shelter in 1962 when he thought a nuclear war was imminent. During that time, their son Adam played by Fraser (who seemed to had been in every late 90's movie) was born and was exposed to only the culture of 1962 in the shelter such as the music and TV shows of the time. Life was accustomed to not being at the surface. 

Fast forward 35 years later, their supplies and food was running low so someone would have to come above ground and take a risk to get new products. That was supposed to be Calvin, up until he was ill from stress from his one visit to the surface. So his son Adam would have to venture out in a world he had never met.....

This segment takes a look at products that may have been hidden in a underground fallout shelter for over 20 years and now just coming back out to be me. Guess you can call me Adam even though my name is Matt. These are products I opened when I was first collecting and is a Part Of My Past, but may not have a memory or a Origins story to attach to them. Most products I post on here will, but some won't and those will be covered in this new segment.These products will be between the years of 1995-1999 only.

Let's just hope my experience with these breaks is better than Adams first visit to the surface.

So let's take a Blast From The Past with a one pack break of 1995 Flair baseball Series 1!

Each pack of 1995 Flair baseball comes with 9 cards. I landed this pack for less than $1 in a pack lot I won that actually included two of these. One I am keeping sealed.

Here is a blast from the past, the card back with odds.

I bought a lot of Flair back in 1995. Between the 1994 and 1995 design, I was sold on 1995. I didn't buy much baseball though as my focus at the time was on football but I did pick up a few packs just simply for the design alone. I still have a few of those cards kicking around so these will add to it.

Let's take a look if I had any success pulling any inserts.

Tommy Greene played for three teams between 1989-1997. He currently is a post game analyst for the Phillies and finished 38-25 with a 4.14 ERA.

Trevor Hoffman played for 18 seasons for a multitude of teams including 15 for the Padres alone which is where I know him from best. He was 61-75 with a 2.87 ERA.

Raul Mondesi played for 7 teams including my Yankees over a 13 year career. He hit .273 with 271 career dingers.

My arch nemesis Pedro Martinez pitched for five teams in 17 seasons. He was most known to me as a Red Sox pitcher who always started up trouble against the Yankees. but, he was very good. Went to multiple All Star games, led the MLB in ERA many time, led AL in ERA and won a World Series title. 219-100 and with an ERA of 2.93 is how he finished his career.

The Crime Dog Mcgriff played for six teams in 18 seasons. He was a five time All Star, World Series Champion and a 2 time Home Run leader. He batted .284 and fell just short of 500 home runs with 493. I think he should un-retire just to get to 500.

Karl Tuffy Rhodes didn't play in the majors long. It's probably the 13 home runs and the .224 batting average that didn't help.

Mike Munoz was 18-20 with a 5.19 whopping ERA

Reggie Sanders played for 8 teams in roughly 16 plus years. But, for me he wore this Reds uniform and that's where I know him best from. He was an All Star in 1995 and won a title in 2001. He had 305 Home Runs and a .267 batting average.

And finally, Tony Longmire who had a short career with a 3 home runs and a .285 batting average.

Overall, Pedro, Hoffman and Mondesi carried the worth of the break. Well, besides the most important part to me, the nostalgia. Nostalgia runs deep with both the designs, smells (who doesn't smell the cards?), and players. I don't always recognize all of the names in baseball as my collecting back then was football focused, but quite a few I do still.

Hope this Blast From The Past brought you back as well. There are many more to uncover in this series.


  1. i love that new card smell! I have two unopened boxes of 94 Flair, series one and two though 93 is still my favorite. I'm surprised your pack wasn't "bricked."

    1. I was surprised by that as well but they weren't. Not even close to it.

  2. Always liked the Fleet Flair cards. Not as familiar with this particular set though. Nice looking cards. Pedro and McGriff are my favorites. Nice pull and post.

    1. Thanks! This was my favorite design of the series for both football and baseball

  3. Fun break! I wasn't collecting at the time, so missed out on these myself.
    If they're up for trade, I think I need the Hoffman, McGriff, and Reggie.

  4. Always loved the packaging on Flair from the mid 90's. The cards themselves were sweet too. Super jealous of Julie's unopened boxes. Busting those would be a very entertaining afternoon.

    Btw... Alicia Silverstone was so gorgeous. I wonder if she has any trading cards out there.

  5. It may not have been the best pack ever, but it was still fun to see... and was probably still fun to open too.

    1. Yes it was. I am still tempted to open the other just to see what else I can find. But, I am OCD and want to keep one sealed as well.