Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pieces Of My Future #12:Wes Strikes Again!

Wes struck again! Of course you may already know that from my previous post with the newest Rodney.

But, here is the non Rodney stuff that the great Wes sent.

Wes sent Griffey

and more Griffey

and more Griffey

and more. There was one other but I will wait and save that for another post.

Magic Johnson card

My first Brad Wing card. Which is also his rookie. He did terrible with the Giants. Not sure how he did in the Alliance. league. I never watched a game cause I had a feeling it wouldn't last and I just can't get into something new as I am just a Giants fan though I did wish their former players well.

Machado numbered rookie

Ewing rookie sticker! soooooo coool!

I didn't know of this Lawrence Tynes card. Rookie!! Super Bowl winning kicker!

Rahim Moore spent some time with the Giants as well.

Greg Battle card. Football looks bigger than his hands.

And the final card, a beautiful two color patch of the man Mark Brunell. Great looking card.

A big thanks again to Wes for another top notch mail day!!


  1. Kicker rookie card for the win! That Ewing rookie sticker is nice too! The centering is awesome compared to my set.

  2. The Ewing sticker is pretty great, but that Magic SLU :)