Friday, May 17, 2019

Rodney's Corner:1997 Leaf Signature Proof

Welcome back to Rodney's Corner folks! The place where the Rodney Hamptons hoard together.

Since this is mainly a 90's blog and since I am mainly what I consider myself a 90's collector, you will see 90's cards on here. Some cards may be ones you have seen before and others may be new to you. My main goal of this blog and these posts is to bring back that nostalgia and hopefully I have succeeded in doing so.

Today, we travel back to 1997 and take a look at a pickup thanks to Wes from 1997 Leaf Signature.

This is a simple parallel, but not an easy one to find. I don't have any odd information on it,

But they are limited to 200. Today's cards numbered to 200 are easy to land but back in the 90's a card like this probably had high odds of finding especially if the checklist was bigger. This was the only Rodney one of these I have seen ever. 

I am very thankful to Wes who grabbed this for me and a few others I will be posting soon.

And while we are still in 1997, let's take a look at some of the commercials from that time and tell me which ones you remember


  1. A parallel #'d to 200 in 1997 was a super tough pull. I'm sure big names from this set still command big $$$. Kinda feel like 90's inserts (well at least basketball inserts) are starting to boom right now.

    1. They do. I have seen Favre and others go for much higher. They are not easy to find.

      And I agree, the 90's are back!