Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rodney's Corner:Leaving A Legacy

I have Rodney Hampton  card as a saved search on eBay so I always get a notification when a new one pops up.

Last week, I checked some of my new notifications for new listings so I checked it out.

To my surprise, I found out that......2019 brings in some new Rodney's from Panini's latest product Legacy.

So I immediately did my research and found out there were autograph and base cards and parallels for both as well. Overall, there are 22 new Rodney Hamptons to chase including a dreadful three 1/1's. This now brings the new total of Rodney Hampton card count to 861 in which I have 620 of.

So once again, I will be looking for help from you guys to help fill in my needs! Some of these are already listed on eBay and most are pretty affordable. So let's strike up a trade (unless you want to donate to my Rodney Hampton project)


  1. Don't really buy boxes of football unless they're super cheap during a Black Friday sale, but it's nice to know that Panini is hooking up collectors with stars from the 90's. That might just be my favorite decade for NFL football.

  2. I will be keeping my eyes open for you

    1. Thanks buddy! I set aside the Cutch from Big League for you.