Friday, May 24, 2019

Two New Traders Bring The Fun!

I am always adding great traders to my trading circle and I did just that recently.

For a couple of months, I have been working on a trade with Greg from Nine Pockets blog who contacted me about some 90s inserts and set help, it was dragged out so long because of my slacking on getting my card room situated to find him a return. Usually an easy trade like this one should have been just that, but the specific things I was looking for to send in return were buried among the mess.

But, we finally got a deal done once I pushed past the mess and here was my return,

I have always enjoyed some 90's Ultra inserts. Ultra to me was the start of the creativity in the hobby before 1996 started the uphill climb of the 90's inserts with other companies.

More Ultra with some Gold Medallions. Ultra base cards alone are worth a look at. The Leaf one at the bottom is one of those steel cards made of metal.

 Shine a light on Black Diamond...sorry Rhianna came to mind

90's Black Diamond was the best and here are some die cut versions including the man, Wayne Gretzky. One day in my wildest dreams I will own his rookie card and autograph.

There were even some football inserts. Quasers is pretty cool of Lions WR Crowell

 Rhett, there it is. Rhett there it is! digging the old Bucs uni's more as an adult

Irvin refractor from 1995 Finest,  I consider the best design out of all the Finest ones and would almost use the term iconic for that line with it.

 And to end, a couple of autographs. Not anyone I know, but still cool.

Thanks to Greg on this awesome mail day! I hope when we trade next time I will be much more prepared!

Now onto my second new trader who was a new trader but not new to me as a person. I have always spoken to @911baseballguy usually about TTM autographs and addresses. But, when I saw him post a Daniel Jones I really wanted, we began trade discussions and here was the results of those.

Daniel Jones Red Prizm parallel. Prizm is such a beautiful product. It's not quite Topps Chrome, but close.

And I have been trying to add to my Mahomes rookies and this Donruss Optic fit it well.

Thanks to Shawn on a great trade and I know many more are to come from us! (well we already did just do another since with another post on the way)

I strongly suggest you seek out these two great traders as well. Easy to deal with and ships perfectly!


  1. Good to see you branching out taking a chance with new traders! Some nice stuff here.

    1. They were great ones to. One I have already done another trade with and working on another again with.

  2. Gary Suter is a former SJ Shark. He was a solid veteran for us back in the 90's... and I'm pretty sure he had a great career. And that Irvin refractor is sweet! I agree that the 95 design is one of the best. That shiny blue background is blinding.

  3. Happy to help out with your collection. Thanks for the trade! (And yeah, that Black Diamond hockey set had so many levels of inserts and parallels, yeesh.)

  4. Hockey? You? That Irvin refractor is really fantastic! I find refractors from that set in dime boxes from time to time, but they're always green, and gross, so they never end up coming home with me.