Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Unsolved Mysteries Episode 3

This blog post series is about unraveling unsolved mysteries from a card lot my mother-in-law bought me from an estate sale. What you are about to see isn't a breaking news broadcast or some new releases. There is a lot to go through here so whenever possible, I will try to condense down some of the graphics and whenever possible, real cards from the actual lot (well all of them are from the actual lot but let's have some fun with it) will be used for pictures.

Someone, somewhere can help me uncover the mysteries within this lot. Let's take a look and maybe one of you, will help me solve some mysteries.

*insert creepy music and theme song*

The location is still completely unknown where my Mother In Law went to grab this lot of sports cards other than it was a Estate Sale. Belief is, it was somewhere isolated as nobody grabbed them before she did. It may be the only explanation on why someone wouldn't have grabbed this lot before she showed up three hours after it started. Or maybe it was because the cards were more than they were expecting? Or was it a government conspiracy? I guess we will have to tune in to today's round and maybe you can help solve this mystery.
A 90's trio that I found a lot in packs. Was someone spying on me knowing this information ahead of time? Or was there a conspiracy?

An insert line that says Lottery Legends when it should say Lottery busts. Intriguing.

Except this one. This guy turned out okay. But, why did only one make it big time. Mystery....

Ghosted players in the background or are they really ghosts....

There was a lot of Prism in the box but all base except this one parallel. Staley was left stale in the lot.

Why would you ever leave such a great looking insert behind? Is there more to this card than I know?

How did Don Shula lead the Dolphins to the only undefeated season ever in the history of the NFL?

Why did Upper Deck create such fun parallels and products for kids with Collectors Choice than made the product disappear out of nowhere? it just vaniiiiiiiiisshheed.......................

Cardinals in the 90's, a mysteriously bad team.

299/299. Why was the end of the line found in this box? Why Ahman Green? Will my friend Bryan like this card? Lots of questions that will need to be answered.

So much creativity in inserts at one time with this hobby and then it all disappeared? Why don't we number inserts anymore and drive up their worthiness of being called an insert?

And finally, we find a lot of cards that appears was someones attempt at a set but they gave up or fell short? Or did the disappear like the rest of the cards to the set...

This does it for Episode Three of Unsolved Mysteries. There is a lot of unexplained findings here with even more mysteries to unravel. Tune in next time and Perhaps YOU, can help solve a mystery.


  1. some questions should remain unanswered, and many never asked at all. you are a crazy, courageous fellow to go poking around, disturbing the past. Those 94 Fleer All Stars are haunting me. I had no appreciation for them at the time but now wish I'd built the set.

    1. They look much better now than they did back then to me as well

  2. Nice Ahman Green parallel.

  3. I don't think that one could say that Jason Williams was a bust, he had decent run, and a few solid years within that run, plus he's still extremely popular with collector's.

    1. Agree and I know he is popular. Just wasn't a big star as expected.