Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bubba's Got Me Feeling The Blues

I have made some great friends in the hobby, especially thanks to Twitter.

I know a lot of the bloggers don't like the platform, but for this blogger, without it, the hobby would be even more dead around me than it already is.

For me, Twitter is a great trading spot, it also gives you a visual into some cards you may want to add (not that blogging doesn't), and a place where you can talk to people. Not just in a day post, but even a little bit more personal through messages and check in on them to see how they are doing. You know, that real friendship. Though most of us are miles apart, we can still connect through Twitter and be a friend there.

And one of those good friends I have met because of Twitter is Bubba's Sports Cards. Such a great guy and friend.

He recently surprised me once again with a package full of goodies even though they had me feeling some blue. Well, besides the fact they are Giants.

This one here reminds me of the greatest Pinnacle base card designs and product ever. Now it's no longer apart of the hobby.

 This card here reminded me dufex.  Can't ever see that again.

 This one here is a reminder of some Giants that have moved on.

 Same here.

 And here.

This one reminds me that Panini does have the power to make a great looking football card insert, but doesn't do it enough consistently.

These Rodney Hamptons remind me of the 1/1 Die Cut black autograph I almost had if the guy hadn't backed out on my deal. Now I may never see the two black 1/1's I need for Select to finish the rainbow.

 (sick patch)

 Both Davis Webb cards make me sad as I thought he would be the future for Eli. Guy never even had an opportunity. So many wasted draft picks the two seasons before this one on drafting a QB they never planned on using as Eli's replacement. And they were 3rd and 4th round picks that could have been better used on defense especially.

And for the final card, sigh, Landon Collins. Great leader but now a Redskin which makes it even tougher to swallow.  This is an incredible card though.

There may be a lot of sad things for my Giants and in the hobby, but at least these pieces of cardboard remind me there were are happy ones to.

A big thanks to Bubba's Sports Cards for this great mail day. I treasured every card. Can't wait to update my NY Giants PC numbers with them now :) I also gotta hit you back with something at some point


  1. I just joined twitter today. Follow me @CollectingCutch

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the hobby is like on that platform.

    1. Glad to see you on there. It's been great success for me. I know many bloggers don't like it but I do.

  2. It's cool to see everyone's Twitter (and TCMD) trade posts. I don't really trade anymore and never figured out Twitter. But maybe one day when I get back in the zone.

    1. You need to. Twitter is a great tool for trading and adding cards if you find the right people

  3. Dufex!!!! Such a beautiful card! I'm still not completely sold on the whole Twitter/social media thing, but I will say that I do like the DM feature, as it does seem to make talking to folks a little easier than going the email route.

    1. Much quicker that way. I know we have communicated that way a few times.