Monday, June 10, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:Let's Get Dangerous Part 3

Daring duck of mystery,
Champion of right,
Swoops down from the shadows!
Darkwing owns the night!

Darkwing owns the night and now owns my collection of Darkwing Duck items.

I sometimes wish I am Drake Mallard an average everyday guy who turns into the Daring Duck of mystery by night. Well, maybe not a duck so much. Maybe I am a regular guy who turns into a nostalgic blogger by night? You think that counts at all? Nostalgia Guy (to the tune of Darkwing Duck)? Does that sound good at all?

When I am talking about Darkwing owning my collection of his items, I am not talking about the DVD sets I own of both seasons.

Is it because I am showing off one of the coolest DVD covers to one of the seasons disks? Nope.

Is it because I remember to rewind my third Darkwing Duck VHS set every time without the sticker reminding me to be kind and do so?

Nope. Even though it is nice not having to rewind it when I try to watch it.

It's because of this that my buddy @Jake1725 was able to snag for me.

YES, YES, YES! Eat gas evil doers! The biggest piece to my Darkwing Duck collection yet! The man himself with all of the pieces and in working order. So rad!

If you watch this video, it will show you how Darkwing operates. Simply it's just a button on his back that makes his hat pop up.

I had Darkwing Duck as a kid. However, my sister broke his hat mechanism and my duck wasn't ever the same. My mother tried to fix him by using a lighter and melting the hat back on but that was a total fail and made Darkwing look more like Negaduck. The hat also just fell off a few hours later as well. She didn't have a hot glue gun so thought by melting it back on it would work.

Darkwing marks number three I own now from my childhood. I am still short two more that I had personally in Launchpad and Steelbeek, and I am hopeful I will land those two as well. Darkwing has been sitting in my drafts since February and I am just bringing out his reveal now. I can say though as of this typing I have no more sequels planned for Darkwing on here unless I can add more.

I would also to add the rest of the set to. Might as well get the ones I didn't have as a kid to.

So for now, the city of St.Canard can rest in piece, til the next time.


  1. Oh man, I forgot about this show; but I absolutely wore out my VHS copies of it back in the day. I know for sure that I had a few of those action figures too - very cool acquisition!

  2. Dang sisters are always breaking our stuff. Makes me think of Dexter and DeeDee from Dexter's Laboratory.

  3. I was in college when this cartoon came out, so it wasn't on my radar. But I completely understand your interest in these figures. If I ever stumbled across cheap Transformers or GI Joe figures from the 80's, I'd be all over them.