Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Using My Free eBay $3

Every time I see one of those free $3 codes to use on eBay, I do my best to find the best deal I can without spending too much since I never have to much to spend.

So when @WatchTheBreaks posted the latest, he is one to follow for those and other information of course, I went and quickly looked to see what I could grab for $3.01 since I could do the .01.

Sadly I couldn't find anything for that cheap that I could actually buy and with limited time to use the code I had to think fast.

That's when my thoughts turned to the 2019 NFL Draft and not having any NY Giants cards of those players and especially autographs.

But, I knew Daniel Jones wouldn't be an option since most of his autographs are $40+. That's when I went to the late rounds and remembered the Giants grabbed a speedster named Darius Slayton.

So I went hunting for the cheapest option and found this one for $6.50. Take the $3 off and and I have a new autograph for my Giants collection at $3.50. I will take that.

Now I just need to add a Daniel Jones autograph and I will be feeling pretty good about my Giants PC for the 2019 rookie class as I don't specifically chase the defensive players but I will take them still.

I hope you guys enjoyed my pickup and I would love to hear what you guys spent your free $3 on in comments!


  1. They seem to be giving out an awful lot of these coupons as of late, I think it's eBay's way of trying to generate sales -- I have no proof to back it up, but I'm starting to suspect that eBay might be having some problems. Between their ever increasing fees, and the recent jump in postage, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that overall sales are beginning to dip.

    1. I agree. I get 10x eBAy bucks a few times every couple weeks now. But they also know I can't afford to buy anything so they try to tempt me haha

  2. I never see these coupons. Last time I lucked out and saw someone's blog post. Ended up buying this...

    1. Very cool! I would miss out on them if it wasn't for Twitter