Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Variety Of Cardboard

It doesn't take very much to catch my attention when it comes to 90's cards. Well, late 90's cards. To be quite honest, anything before 1995 in the 1990-1994 range scares me. Yes, I fear the junk wax era.

But, anything from 1995-1999 I will always keep an eye out on. When I saw someone post about about a 1995 Fleer Aerial Assault card, I started a conversation on how I am chasing the set. That's when @J1Burris sent me a DM on Twitter that he may be able to help me with that.

Even though he didn't find any of those, he did pass along some other great stuff.

Like Kerry Collins,
Topps, I remember this card like it was yesterday.

 Same goes for this one. bought a ton of Impact back in the day.

 Absolutely dig this one.

 I have seen lots of Crash The Games in front of me, but never Kerry. Now it's mine.

 I am building this set as well. I do have Collins, but glad now I have a copy to stick in my PC to.

One of my favorite products in 1995 was Skybox Premium. Now I can add this card towards my set and my PC

 Never argue with Stadium Club

 There was a Kerry Collins rookie in the first series of Ultra and in the second.

Like I said, I am building this set but I do have this one as well. I never mind doubles from this era though.

 One of my favorite all-time RB's, well besides Rodney and Barry, TD!!

Ike Hilliard gold medallion. Other than the 1995 Gold Medallions, this was my favorite design when it came to that popular parallel.

Tiki Barber Ultra rookie

 Strahan parallel /50

 Some more set help with two Ground Zero parallels

And a Red Siege!! Great looking McNair card.

Great thanks to @J1Burris for the cards!! I still have one more to show off but that will wait for a Rodney's Cardboard segment.


  1. Loved the Crash the Game inserts from the mid 90's. Looks like Kerry threw a pass for a TD on 10/1/95. I wonder if that makes this card a winner.

  2. I didn't really collect football, but I remember a lot of what you showed here. Especially the first few Kerry Collins cards.