Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bo Knows Cardboard

One of my most common trade partners in 2019 has been @Jake1725 as you have seen from multiple posts this year.

But, this was the grand finale of them all!

Let's see what I was able to do here.

Jonathan Loaisiga Inception base and parallel

 New Gleyber for my PC

I didn't get a Wander from my Bowman break, now I have one. Just need the chrome version

Some Washington Nationals for trade bait I needed

I traded one of these to Jake last year, but he had an extra copy so he sent it back to me. I don't get why people pay so much for a non rookie. I didn't even know about this card til I saw a Beckett post and discovered I had one. I am glad to actually have a copy back now. Not sure what it is, but been having kind of a Trout crush recently.

I do some prospecting on and off, my form of prospecting is hoarding all rookie cards, so I traded for this one. However, it didn't stay with me too long as I traded it away within a day for something much bigger....

And the final card in this mail day is Bo. Bo knows he was on my autograph needs so when Jake had one available, I had to have it. This card is beautiful and numbered 1/10.

A big thanks goes out to Jake for the trade as always. Looking forward to our next!


  1. Nice bo jackson you ever want to trade it let me know

    1. Thanks will do! I don't plan to though. Been on my list to get for some time.

  2. Wow. That's quite the trade. Nice Bo and Wander.