Saturday, July 20, 2019

Breakdown Cardboard On Vacation

For the first time in two years, I was able to go on vacation.  It was a much needed one.

My sister in law rented a cabin on a lake about an hour from where I live and we spent this whole week there. Just before I headed out to leave on the trip, I stopped by my mail box where a pwe from Gavin was waiting for me.

Instead of turning around and bringing the envelope home, I decided it would be fun to have it with me so that I could do a Blog On Location instead. A fun aspect I have never done before.

The cards inside were great, but the cards were greater. All new to me! That's tough to do when my NY Giants collection is so deep.
Evan Engram red prizm parallel. Such a great looking card all around and I tried to have the sun capture it's magic while Evan decided to take a look out over the lake.

 Turkey Red rookie card of Sinorice Moss


Juan gone

Hakeem Nicks Topps Platinum refractor decided to take a relaxing sit on the swing that resides on the deck overlooking the lake

Well, Eli and Phil both decided to take turns in the sun. Trying to get their tans after Phil passed the torch off. I truly miss the days when most inserts were numbered. Made them feel more worthy.

And Odell trying his hand at N64 which I hadn't ever played til now. Kobe Bryant's in NBA Courtside was the only game offering but still was fun.

It was a fun packed week of eating great food, relaxation, talking cardboard with a few Twitter peeps in my downtime and even went to a fun Christmas themed park for a day where I decorated Gingerbread men and rode some rides. Well, nothing special as I have motion sickness but it was still a good time.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their week and thanks to Gavin for another solid mail day.


  1. Kinda wish I had kept my old TV... so I could dig out my N64 and play some GoldenEye.

    1. I am sure with the flea markets you go to you could easily find another old tv to plug it in to :)

    2. Probably. Just don't really have the space for it. :(

  2. Honored that my envelope could accompany you on vacation!

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  4. It's nice that you and the missus were able to get away for a week, and you probably had a better time than most of the folks in the movie, Cabin by the Lake :)

    1. I have seen that movie a few times so I know all about that reference haha. It actually came to mind when I found out she had rented one