Friday, July 19, 2019

It Was Time

It was time.

It was time for me to do another sorting project. This time, it was another big one.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize with all of the trading I do it would be a lot easier to have my cards sorted by team. So I did that with my base and rookie cards. However, my inserts I have not. And since I have four sports of them to sort, this was going to be quite the project to tackle.

I decided that baseball would be my first one to tackle since that and football were my biggest projects. Basketball and hockey don't have nearly as much.

So I dug right in. Pulling two binders worth of cards out, then sorting them, then rinse and repeat. As of my typing of this I still have a couple baseball insert binders to go.

I definitely couldn't have done any of this project easily without the help of my card sorting tray I got from BCW Supplies. I actually have three of them but could use a couple more the way I in-depth sort my cards and it helps keep my desk clean and neat.

Here are some cards freshly pulled from a couple of binders

And binders as they empty. I will reuse all of the binders and pages for other projects I have planned. I don't let anything go to waste.

Well, I should probably end this post so I can go back to the project at hand. I also should mention, if you plan on doing any sorting projects like one I am doing or even ones that are simpler, go grab yourself a Card Sorting Tray from BCW which you can find HERE.

While you are at it, let me hear what projects you have started on for sorting?


  1. Nice job on the sorting project! Equally nice job on reusing the binders and pages for other projects.

    I did a big sort last year, and as a result all my cards available for trade are now stored in separate boxes and posted on Trading Card Database. Since then I haven't picked up many new cards (aside from a few set builds), so I'm currently "sort project free".

    1. I like to reuse everything I can in one way or another.

      I think this isn't the end of my sorting this year. Trying to get everything easier to find.

  2. I totally want one of those sorting trays. My wholesaler never has them in stock. I'm just wrapping up a HUGE sort. Hoping to finish it tomorrow... which will mark two weeks. I had let a bunch of things pile up in my office and I finally got down to business and organized everything.

    1. If worse comes to worse, just snag one or two or three like me from their website

  3. I need to get organized, but never have the time for it.

    1. Well I stab away an hour some nights and other nights I do ten minutes. Just a little at a time can go along ways.