Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Simple Cardboard Trading

Have I mentioned how I enjoy simple trades? You know, the ones where you don't have to worry about the stress of money and values. The ones where you have to break down dimes and pennies even. Just a simple, I want this and I will give you this agreement is what I and @911baseballguy have been doing.

And to boot, the guy was patient for me to ship. Like weeks and weeks patient. With the rising cost of shipping, I have been trading a lot less even PWE wise. This year has been tougher financially so I had to cut back either way, but in general the shipping costs are frightening and making me cut back even more.

This is a big reason why my trading with other bloggers was cut back as well.

Well the start of my trade was landing that MJ Fleer sticker from 1988 for my small MJ PC. Hated the guy in the 90's, appreciate him now.

Davis Webb autograph relic.I know he isn't a Giant anymore and is on the opposite NY team, but still in blue here so I am still taking them in.

And a must have was this C.J. Conrad auto from Leaf. Undrafted TE rookie that signed with the Giants and has looked solid so far. But, will he be able to make the team that already has Engram and Ellison and Simonson. Giants are deep at TE.

Thanks again goes out to Shawn for another great trade and for making it simple. Looking forward to our next!