Monday, October 21, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Topps Update Baseball

Baseball season is winding down, we are now in the World Series, and so isn't the final few baseball products such as the latest release in Topps Update or as I call it, Topps Series 3.
Update however, has set itself apart from the flagship as it carries the most sought after rookie cards on the market, year in and year out. That's right folks, more popular than Bowman and even some more popular than their autographed rookies.

Update for me is usually all about the rookies, so let's see if I had any other surprises in store this year.

Each hobby box of 2019 Topps Update baseball comes with 24 packs of 14 cards. There is one hit per box and boxes currently run around $85.

I didn't do much studying on the product before it's release, so I found a surprise to me when I opened it. A 2019 Topps Silver pack. Something I hadn't ever gotten before as I believe they were handed out at shops and online retailers when buying the product. This was a plus for me! Jumbo boxes come with two of them.

Let's see how that rip went first.
 Kerry Wood and Jeff Bagwell stand out here

And then some JV. This is a blue parallel /150


The Topps Update set comes with 300 cards.It includes all of the late season call-ups, All-Star Game related subsets and other fun subsets.

 The closest to a Yaz rookie I will get

 Plenty of Vlad Jr cards for you Vlad Jr collectors.

Fishin' Wonder if he will the MVP award?

Rookie Combos

Team Card

And my favorite base card of them...let it rain!


As with any product, especially baseball, there are Short Prints or variations. Luckily for us unlike the old days, they are defined by a CMP code on the back bottom right of the card. I go by the last two digits on that code (sorry no pic of the card back this time)

Here are the codes you are looking at
  • Base ends in 010
  • SP Variation ends in 055
  • SSP Rookie Variation  ends in 057
You may need a magnifying glass sometimes to tell the difference but you should find one per box on both hobby and jumbo box levels.
 Paul Goldschmidt Sp ends in 55.


Here is an over look at the parallels in Update,

Purple, 150th Anniversary, Rainbow Foil, Gold /2,019, Vintage Stock /99, Independence Day /76, Black /67, Mother's Day Pink /50, Father's Day Blue /50, Memorial Day Camo /25, Platinum 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

150 Years falls 1:6 packs

Gold Falls 1:8 packs

Foil falls 1:10 packs. Nice find on the Vlad Jr

Black /67

1984 Inserts has 50 cards to collect

Most of the inserts include parallels such as Blue, Black /299, 150th Anniversary /150, Gold /50, Red /10, and Platinum 1/1.
 Black /299

 The Family Business. There are 25 to chase in this set.

Iconic Cards. To me, the more iconic one would have been the no name. But, that's just me. There are 50 in this set to collect.

Greatest Players. Find 100 in this set. WOW.

All Star Game Jersey. No surprise to find a jersey in my break as I find them and as will you 9 out of 10 times. If you are autograph chasing, go find yourself a Jumbo Box.

Other hits not found in my box include,
  • 1984 Topps Baseball Autographs
  • Legacy of Baseball Autographs
  • 150 Years of Professional Baseball Autograph
  • Bryce Harper Highlights Autographs
  • Est. 1869 Autographs
  • Iconic Card Reprints Autographs
  • Shohei Ohtani Highlights Autographs
  • The Family Business Autographs
  • Cut Signatures
  • All-Star Stitches Autographs
  • All-Star Stitches Jumbo Patch Autographs
  • All-Star Stitches Dual Autographs
  • Topps Reverence Autograph Patch
  • 150th Anniversary Manufactured Medallion Autographs
  • 150th Anniversary Manufactured Patch Autographs
  • All-Star Stitches Jumbo Patch
  • All-Star Stitches Dual Relics
  • All-Star Stitches Triple Relics
  • Major League Material
  • Own The Name Nameplate Letter
  • 150th Anniversary Manufactured Medallion Relics
  • 150th Anniversary Manufactured Patch Relics

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This is a sit on it and wait product. Rookies, not hits carry this one. The price is a bit steep for only one hit that's most likely a jersey card, but, potentially down the road it may be worth a lot and box prices could go even higher. It's all about how much risk you want to take. Remember they also have plenty of retail options as well.

If you want in on a box break of this product without paying box prices, I suggest Midwest Box Breaks as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to do giveaways with. ALWAYS check my Twitter @SportCardCollec for those..Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Here is the NPN info and all odds info:


  1. Tried to track down a blaster of this stuff for my Time Capsule project, but my local Target didn't have any. I might have to settle for a blaster of 2019 Topps Chrome.

  2. That Frank Thomas is so distracting being altered like that, wow! I know they don't have the college license, so why reprint it?

  3. I like the '84 inserts. The Bagwell is nice. A Tax even in the form of his grandson is a good pull. Good post.