Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 13:LaserView

Upper Deck to me was the king of holograms, no doubt about that, but there was also Pinnacle who liked to use the innovation within some of their products as well.

For instance, today's product from 1996, Laserview. This product was a lot of fun not only for it's base cards, but it included autographs that everyone was chasing in Pinnacle Inscriptions.

The base cards were pretty simple. Black border, focused player and a holographic image of the player doing a play or movement as you tipped the card.

This is a set I am chasing slowly and thanks to my buddy@card_a_holic I was able to knock a few more down.

Steve Young

Steve Young subset

Steve Young insert. I hadn't seen one of these before.

Three base knocked down is better than none. I need to update my numbers to see where I am at. It's a short base set of 40 cards but I still had a ways to go.

Thanks for the set help Brian!

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  1. Very cool set. I remember these packs were hot back in the day.