Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Episode 2: Needing An Instant Replay

Collectors Edge always brought their A-Game when it came to producing football cards in the 90's, but more-so back in the 1995-1999 range.

They produced top notch looking memorabilia/autograph cards, inserts with creativity and parallels that were second to none.

Today we look at one of those parallels in 1995 Collector's Edge Instant Replay Prisms.

These cards were recent adds thanks to a trade with my new trader friend Brian at @card_a_holic on Twitter.

The 50-card add-on to the standard Collector's Edge set, you know like the update sets for baseball today, had these top notch Prism holofoil parallel that averaged 1:2 packs.

Here are the three that Brian passed along,

 John Elway

 Marshall Faulk

Deion Sanders

If you don't think these don't pop or aren't some high quality cardboard, you may need your eyes looked at.

Thanks Brian for trading these away. I didn't have any of these until now and glad I do. Will stand out in a binder. With only 50 to chase in this parallel set maybe I need to add this one to the list I want to chase as well. Why not make it even bigger?


  1. Absolutely love Collector's Edge, but weren't they the first to actually move away from cardboard?

  2. Love these cards! And they're completely new to me!?!?

    1. they are a must have or a must pick up and trade to me :)

  3. These are very cool, and I'm in the same boat as Jon--despite collecting for this long I don't believe I've seen them before. Hopefully they'll pop up in a dime or quarter box at my show or on COMC at some point. Anyway, the ones you got absolutely scream "90s stars"!

  4. Beautiful cards. This would be a fun set to build. I'm sure you can find guys selling card lots from this set on eBay from time to time. I just checked the Favre on COMC and added it to my cart.