Saturday, October 12, 2019

Episode 20:1995 Action Packed Football Box Break

I recently made a big trade with my friend and fellow 90's wax buster Shane. He is the one who runs the Cheap Wax Wednesday and Other Stuff where he breaks boxes that cost under $50 from 80's, 90's and today.

In my trade, I not only got some set help along with some sweet singles,I will show off on here, I  was also able to land some boxes of stuff from 1995-1999 that I will bust and show off on here as well.

Today a rip of 1995 Action Packed football.

There are 24 packs of 8 cards to find in 1995 Action Packed football with boxes running just at $12.

Once again, I busted a ton of this stuff back in 1995 and have been wanting to build this fun base set.
The base was Action Packed and used the embossing technology on player and name.

The rookies are still in their college uniforms.

My boy Kerry!

I thought this was a fun shot

Now some parallels

Quick Silver. It says it on the back. Not sure why it didn't upload to show you.

And some boom in this box!

1:96 odds of pulling an Armed Forces Braille

That has braille on the back of the card. Pretty cool looking insert

And what's this....another?!?! But wait, this doesn't have the braille on the back. Interesting. Must be two different variations from my research. The tougher version is the braille.

One thing I didn't spy in my box break was a 24K gold parallel that was supposed to be 1:24 packs where you would think would be one per box. Oh well. Pretty excited about the other two hits.

Once again, this is not junk. This is fun and worth every penny.


  1. 95 was such a good year for football cards. All of my Action Packed from that year are missing the foil on the names, though.

  2. Very cool I love Action Packed Cards

  3. Some of these features awesome action shots! Looks like you had a lot of fun busting these boxes.