Saturday, October 5, 2019

Episode 5:Busting A Pack Of 1999 Collectors Edge Advantage Football!

Welcome back for another episode of Now That's Some High Quality Cardboard. Today I will be busting a pack of 1999 Collectors Edge Advantage football.

I busted a ton of this in 1999. Can't even remember the amount of it I did but it was a lot. So why not dive back into some again?

Let's rip it.

Each pack of 1999 Collectors Edge Advantage comes with 10 cards. One of those cards will be a guaranteed Gold Ignot parallel. Plus there could be chances at short print rookie cards, inserts and possibly an autograph. I paid $1.50 for this one as opposed to the $3.99 grocery stamp I bet I once paid.

Here are the pack odds.

And here are the cards!

Simple design, but some good photography can be found on these. I do wish the team logo and name of the player weren't so big.

AIR McNair was also great on the ground with his feet

A solid back who didn't quite get the recognition he should have. Probably because he was on the Bengals.

Rookie Card sighting! These fall 1:2 packs. Too bad I had to grab Denson out of the 38 rookie offerings, but it's still nice to land something.

The gold Ignot parallel. Just a stamp.

Solid pack of players in this box. Martin had a great career with the Patriots and the Jets. The question is, which team do you associate him more with? I can't choose just one.

Garrison Hearst was another great back that lacked top reputation.

Not a bad pack rip for the price. A decent amount of star power, a Sp rookie pull and Kordell being the parallel makes it worth the rip alone. The memories of opening was really the aim here and it worked.


  1. Provided you don't pay too much for it (which you didn't), you really can't go wrong with a pack like this.

  2. I opened a fair share of this product back in the day.

  3. I never saw this in 1999, but I opened a couple of boxes of Edge Fury. That was the last of any card collecting I did until 2012.