Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard:1996 Topps Chrome 1,000 Yard Club Refractor

Back in 1996, something magical happened in the hobby, more than just my increased enjoyment of it. It was the release of Topps Chrome and it would forever change me.

I have tried Topps Chrome for every sport since then. One of my favorite lines out there. Of course today's Topps Chrome doesn't match what it once was as everyone is chasing the autographs and not the refractors like the old days.

We didn't have 22 refractors of one player that were easy to acquire. We had one. One parallel and one that only fell 1 in every 12 packs or two per box. Yeah, those were good times chasing those.

One of the final two needs for my Rodney Hampton 1996 Topps Chrome chase was a refractor to his 1,000 yard club card. Well, one finally popped up and I snagged it pretty cheap as a guy was breaking up his complete set and selling them off. COMPLETE SET. That must have been amazing to had owned.

 Here it is! Looks more amazing in person.

The card back where the word refractor is just above the number. I tried to do a close up but my phone wouldn't focus in that close.

I am just glad to finally have this one behind me now.


  1. Wow. Build an entire Chrome refractor set is pretty awesome. Shame the guy decided to break it up.

  2. Great looking card! Wonder how long it took that guy to build the set?

    1. I am surprised he broke it up. I know I wouldn't have. i can only imagine the challenge that was. It was one I am considering