Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Present And The Past

Last week was a mail day week of epic proportions! There is some stuff I am going to show and others, well, you will have to wait on. I have something special planned with those.

In the meantime, let's check out today's showcase.

My buddy @NYCollects had a few of these Jordan Funko Pops and for some reason or another, I felt obligated to need one. I don[t get it. I couldn't stand MJ growing up. His face was on everything from Got Milk posters to cereal boxes to magazines as he was the NBA. But, as I got older, I learned to appreciate what he brought to the game as nobody brings that now. I don't see LeBron playing with the flu.

Very cool collectible of a legend. Marks only my second Funko in my collection, the other, LT-Lawrence Taylor.

Thanks goes out to @NYCollects for the mail day. I will drop your return card in the mail soon!

My next mail day comes from the great Valley Of Cards. Dude is such a great friend!

Daniel Jones the future and Eli Manning the past all on one card. Great card. I would love an autograph with both guys on it if it looked this sharp. I still have feelings for Eli sitting on the bench for all that he did for NY. But, it was obviously time to move on looking at the teams response since.

Big thanks goes out to  Valley Of Cards for the card. If you haven't yet, click on the link I included to check out their website with a vast of unique memorabilia items and check out their eBay stores here for you collecting needs,
Click link to visit Valley Of Cards website or check out their eBay stores here