Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mail Day Triple Header

Have a triple header of mail days that arrived last week I needed to get posted. It's a mix of a little bit of everything.

First up, I have fallen into the Zion faze some. Well, just needed a rookie card so luckily my buddy at Valley Of Cards provided me one.

It's from 2019-2020 Panini Instant. I hope to at least get a Hoops one as well. Need at least one rookie card of every key player. Thanks goes out to Valley Of Cards for helping me out.

Click link to visit Valley Of Cards website or check out their eBay stores here

I was recently in a three-box mixer break with Midwest Box Breaks and landed the Redskins. Couldn't complain about possibly pulling a Haskins except I didn't. My only card from the break was this Joe Theismann.

 It's a beautiful card and is numbered to 5, so not too shabby.

But, being the way Ben is, he tossed in a couple of freebie items. This is probably the best key chain I bet he has handed out ;)

 and a Topps Finest refractor /50 for my non sport PC.

If you haven't checked Midwest Box Breaks out yet, please do. Very trusted and cares about the customer. See what they have available for breaks, HERE.

My final mail day was more of a Twitter-claim-generosity type of thing.
I have mentioned before on here how generous and awesome that @imqualifying has been to me in the past with sick 90's inserts and NY Giants cards. Well, she hit me up with my first Golden Tate Giants card. I didn't have one at all til now and what a kickoff to having one.

Thanks Bethany! I owe you one or two actually.

I have one more mail day to show off this week, it's a pretty cool one so stay tuned for it!


  1. Nice Theismann, even though it's a rival team. I'm going to try and get a Zion RC this year, but I'll say that now and then pass on one until it's too late - like I did with Luka Doncic.

  2. I don't collect basketball anymore, but I gotta say... I'd love to add a Zion RC at some point too. FOMO ;)