Saturday, March 7, 2020

$25 A Week Challenge Week 14:Not Much To Show

Well, this weeks edition doesn't have a lot to show in terms of cards.

There is a reason for this, my wife's birthday is coming up on the 15th and I needed to make sure I had something for her. You know, not be selfish (especially when my birthday is four days after hers), so I wasn't and used up some leftovers from past funds and some from this one.

So this weeks funds were not as much but I was still able to snag a couple decent deals.

I haven't had the time or space on the blogging calendar to come up with a post on this but I am currently collecting the 2019 Optic football set. I am roughly 30 cards away from completion and this is the first new age set I have tried to collect in 6 years as I don't care about modern day set collecting much. But, since I picked up a ton of Optic, I figured, hey why not.

I had a lot of the big guns left to pick up for the set including Daniel Jones (was in last weeks $25 a week), Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray, Drew Lock and Josh Jacobs.

This week, I was able to knock a couple of those names down.

First up, Dwayne Haskins.

that came paired with Hunter Renfrow for $3 plus $2.99 shipping. Which can't go wrong with a Haskins for $1.50 when you break it down looking at his single prices.

Then came the Kyler Murray. Usually going for about $10+ but the fact that this one was off-centered, I managed to land it for $3.25 plus $4 shipping. Who gives a hoot that the player is off from his silhouette some? I don't.

My biggest worry was how the seller shipped the card. NO TOPLOADER. For the $4 shipping I was hoping for at least a Toploader. I know he was thinking it was safe between two pieces of cardboard but not when someone is trying to break into it to get the card out. So I did my best Tom Cruise and Mission Impossibled the  packaging and got Murray out safely.

This weeks total, $13.24

I am now a bit closer to my set , so even though I didn't get much this week, I was still happy with my overall finds including my gift.


  1. Glad Kyler was unharmed. Hope you and your wife enjoy your birthdays!

  2. Shouldn't you have spent many weeks worth of gift cards on your wife?

    1. Yes sadly. But I did get her some pretty cool stuff with some of the remains.