Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Another Stud

I have already shown off my collection of 1997 Action Packed Studs and tossed in the fact that I had gotten a 1996 edition from a friend by mistake. Which is okay because I was possibly going to chase that set as well.

Unlike the 1997 version of Action Packed Studs that had 9 cards in the set, the 1996 only has 6. There is Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Kordell and Rickey Watters. Lots of studs of studs. It won't be an easy chase if I decide to fully go all-in on it like I did with 1997.

The cards still contained the genuine diamond chip and are still numbered to 1500 like the 1997 edition. Odds of finding one in 1996 was 1:161 packs.

The 1996 edition also had 24K Gold parallels that were found apart of a redemption program and were numbered to only 200 of each. I have only ever spotted one once on eBay.

There is also a both version of this one where Studs are in both ears. Another one I have only seen one of ever listed.

The one I got is the regular version.

The 1996 card stud that my buddy Shane sent was of a QB stud who could also play many other positions on offense. He could "Slash" his way through defenses while running, could throw a mile like he did in the "The Miracle At Michigan" in 1994 while playing for Colorado where he threw a miraculous (you need to YouTube it) Hail Mary throw almost the length of the field to pull off the upset. Kordell would also at times line up at WR. Defenses always had to make sure they had their eyes on #10 at all times.

I have a long ways to go with this one, and many other projects, but at least I have a start thanks to Shane over at Project Pedro Blog.


  1. Wow. Had no idea there were so many variations on these AP Studs inserts. Congratulations on taking one step closer to completing the set.

    1. Thanks! Only five more to go! Still need to finish up that 1997 one!

  2. Is it just me, or is Kordell still a very polarizing player? Seems like every time I see something about him, it's either about how much someone liked him, or how much they hated him (his game), there's never any in-between.

    1. I know. So strange. Probably depends on what team you like and which perspective from them you see about Kordell.