Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Collector Seeking Trades

The Coronavirus Virus has everyone stuck at home, so for me and my limited funds I need to do something to help keep my hobby alive that's not sorting all the time.

So I am doing some figuring out on how to expand my hobby through trading. Not to mention, Why keep hoarding stuff I don't collect when I can pull off a trade for stuff I would rather have? That wasn't always my philosophy as it was more about hoarding, but now it's about my PC and getting cards that mean more to me.

So I have been doing a few PWE trades that will help keep the mail flowing and mind focused elsewhere for now. I have posted both on here and on Twitter for these types of trades which is how I finalized two recently

The first trade I accomplished was on Twitter with @buddy_ammon . He saw my tweet and didn't take long to respond. Actually neither of us took very long to respond as we had a trade in place within minutes. That's what I like. Simple and quick trade where both parties are happy.

So within a day, we both had our mail days on there way.

Not did @buddy_ammon send the card we were trading for, but also tossed in some freebies as well.

Such as this Saquon Gold Lazer. Prizm parallels this year really sparkle.

and my first Obsidian Giants card. They look really good. Hopefully I can add the Jones and Slayton someday.

 Speaking of Mr. Jones, I will take any and all.

And here is the card that started it all. Supernova Saquon from Obsidian

Which is also a parallel /5. Or as some would call it, an eBay 1/1.

Since this trade I have explored more on Twitter without a ton of feedback on doing one which stinks since I have so much to trade. I think in these trying times right now, the hobby is a great place to turn to especially in trading.

Thanks to Jeff again for the trade. Hope we can do more down the road and if you are reading this and want to do a quick, simple PWE trade, I am in the search for Darius Slayton, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and RJ Barrett 


  1. Coronavirus virus? May as well punch in your PIN number at the ATM MACHINE.

  2. I'm glad trading is your cup of tea... and is helping you pass these interesting times. My trading days are in the past, but sorting cards have helped me take my mind off of things the past few days.

    1. I have plenty of that to do as well. With nothing really incoming, not sure how long it will take me to catch up and sit here bored lol